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I finally put together a "book" of some of my short stories, flash fiction and a tiny sprinkle of doggerel. Really, it's just an excuse for hanging around this joint. Well, that and FFF.


Strange Bodies, my futuristic murder mystery, and a former ED book, has been published bt NSN Books. Many thanks to my publisher Erik, for his faith in me, his strange Aussie author.

You can find it for Kindle on Amazon.


favourite books

Too many to list, but mostly mysteries, science fiction and thrillers. And many on Autho of genres I'd never tried before.

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my books

A Dash of Flash

Tonia Marlowe

A delectable collation of my delicious appetisers for your reading pleasure. Dip in and lighten your day with a laugh or two. Giggles guaranteed.

Short stories, flash fiction and other stuff gathered over the years. Comedy, crime, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, pathos, doggerel - in fact a bit of everything, something for almost every taste. (Very little pathos actually.)

~ Sherlock Holmes discovers mini skirts
~ Six arms are better than two
~ God discovers SMS
~ Eh oop, lads
~ When 15 fairytales are not enough
~ Jabberwonky - pure pootry
~ Strewth!
~ Agent 69
~ The Merry Widow
~ Not turkey again
~ Big Rod

and much much more.


Strange Bodies

Tonia Marlowe

Tortured, murdered … the bodies of the Richardsons hang from a tree deep in the forests of the Blue Mountains..

Unaware of the couple's fate, Verity Burne researches their puzzling background for an exposé TV show.

With local police stymied, former Scotland Yard Commander, Nicholas Adams and his team, are called in. Recruited from London after losing his family in the Food Riots of 2064, Adams finds Australia scientifically advanced, though the price paid is monitoring by the central computer BigSys and the pervasive eyes of cameras that cover so much of the country. Petty crime may be obsolete but people will always find ways to commit murder.

But it will take more deaths before the links between eight murders are recognised, links that lead to the discovery of past injustices and a thirst for bloody vengeance. And Nick will need Verity's expertise to help unravel the twisted mind of a clever killer.

This is Australia of 2067, an oasis in a world which has barely survived climate change, terrorism and food wars. Our future? Perhaps.


AUTHOR'S NOTE. Strange Bodies has been published by NSN Books (UK). It is available on Amazon for an amazingly low price!



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I wrote 7 hours ago

I really like the sound of this from your pitch, Phil. In the queue - sorry - watch list. view book

I wrote 41 days ago

Three chapters so far and ... oooer! Wonderfully gruesome start, Norton. Right up my alley. The Bumnotes! Hilarious! And what fun that "Author's note" is; it reminds me of the delightful Laurie R. King's prologues to her Sherlock Holmes novels. Couple of minor nit picks but nothing to detrac... view book

I wrote 155 days ago

Brilliant book, different, exciting and disturbing, cleverly plotted. Read and backed and star sprinkled. T view book

I wrote 236 days ago

Happy to see this great book is on the way up again! view book

I wrote 240 days ago

I am first!! On my WL, Fuzz. view book

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