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Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the 1st day of summer! June 21, 2011.

Well, here is the final edit of Part One: Transition to Sadhanna

I have put in a lot of work since the initial writing. You all know what that is like.
During this edit, I mapped out a time-line and back-story to explain the invention of the Hearts, and the events which bring us to the opening chapter in which John finds his. It allows me to continue forward, revealing relevant information when required without the danger of writing myself into a corner.

I hope everyone enjoys it.

As I have mentioned before, The Boy with the Golden Heart is ongoing, and there is much more writing to do. Parts two and three are mapped out and in progress.

I continue to ponder how to pay the rent, and must take some time to sell some of my paintings.
So, as I have said before, however long it takes to write The Boy's story to the end, so be it. I hope that everyone on Authonomy enjoys it as it progresses.

You can see other books of mine by checking the site below. And if you know any particularly wealthy Sheiks that will buy my art collection in one fell swoop, please encourage them to do so. Then I can devote all of my time to writing "The Boy with the Golden Heart."

All the best to all of the serious writers who resignedly watch the red triangle of decimation. It's okay... just keep writing.

Former Lives: composer, musician, lyricist
Current Lives: artist, poet, novelist
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Aztec by Gary Jennings
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The October Horse by Colleen McCullough
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The Boy with the Golden Heart ....

Ian Dunlop

Full of character empathy, an exhilarating tale in another world. John survives, while someone else's alien device, implanted in his body, controls his life.

Searching for scrap in the park, a boy named John finds a Golden Heart, palm sized and shaped like a starfish. Deposited into his shirt pocket, the Heart automatically implants itself into his body.
It then begins to learn about him, and slowly enhances his talents, and his inclinations.
Unfortunately, it also triggers a signal to transition to a new world, ruled by the makers of the Hearts.
John begins his journey in a society of potentially vicious inhabitants; Catapurs, an Army of Vladicon Bats, Zymotars and Humankind.
Soon he will meet the Ethereals, who have watched this earth from without for two thousand years, and feel a desperate need to set foot on it again.
Alone and naïve, in a world from which he cannot escape, John is in the centre of a war, millenniums old. But, something far more dangerous and angry is on the way. The previous owner of the Heart.
The Golden Heart continues to grow stronger, bestowing on John power he does not understand, and causing him to make choices that may prove to be very good or very, very bad. He eventually discovers what it means to have to decide between heart and necessity.


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I wrote 1375 days ago

Hello Barbara, Well, this is good fun. Really good fun. Very much enjoying it. I was a little surprised at the beginning by the stilettos. They kind of jumped out at me, but because I was enjoying the flow, I accepted the laugh and put them out of my mind. Then it was off to a few other chapters i... view book

I wrote 1390 days ago

Hello Richard, Beautifully flowing descriptive text. Very nice to read. It pulls me along easily and anxiously, a rider in a vehicle with my nose to the window, eagerly awaiting the next scene. Ian Dunlop view book

I wrote 1390 days ago

A note to Richard and his readers: Hi folks... I agree completely with you Richard, in regard to reading from a page as opposed to the screen. A necessary convenience for writing, but not comfortable for reading. I print copies of my manuscript as I go, using Booksmart from the Blurb dot com web... view book

I wrote 1396 days ago

Hi David ! Well... I've put you up on my watch list for my next read. I must admit to you however, that I am not really a sports fan. However, that shouldn't interfere with a good story. thanks for sending me over to Rachel May. Looking forward to reading ND Ruined ML too. ian view book

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Hi Elizabeth, Popped through a few random chapters today. You are a very smooth descriptive writer. Your style is enjoyable reading, although the story is not exactly within my general reading interests. I'd love to take Glory to another universe. I think she could run quite the adventure! I ex... view book

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