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I live in the north of England and am an Eng. Lit. graduate and dyslexia teacher. I am coming back to writing after a break due to work, trying to look after elderly parents, and life in general. (That's life as in Life and How to Avoid Stepping in It!)

I had a bit of publishing luck some time ago with three children's books published by Nelson (sci fi and fantasy) and also a prize winning short story in a Gollancz/Sunday Times book.
I've taken Shape Changer down now, as I'm starting to send it around to agents etc.
Thanks you so much everyone who has given brilliant crits which have helped me improve the book a lot!

PLEASE NOTE Broomsticks is now incomplete here but available on Amazon published by Ecanus _ royalties last year went to Age Concern. This year to the Alzheimers Society.

favourite books

Lord of the Rings, anything by Terry Pratchett, The Crow Road by Iain Banks, The Master and Margarita, Cold Comfort Farm, Bilgewater by Jane Gardam, The Camomile Lawn, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ursula Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey. David Eddings, George R R Martin,Kate Atkinson, Mary Renault, Lindsey Davis, Rosemary Sutcliffe, Donna Leon, Neil Gaimon, Diana Wynne Jones, Harry Potter books, Anne Fine 's The More the Merrier, and many more.
And of course The Riversingers by Tom Moorhouse

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my books

Broomsticks, Walking Sticks an....

Sue Moorhouse

Fourteen fun, up-dated fairy tales, written from the point of view of the older characters; Red Riding Hood's granny for one.

Fairy tales for the mature (over mature?)

This is intended to be a short book of the Politically Correct (or ASBO) Fairy Tales type. A Christmas present book for parents or grandparents perhaps? Or something short and amusing for commuters to read.

Why is it always the young and glamorous – the handsome princes and beautiful princesses- who dominate fairy tales?
How about the older characters...?

The Pied Piper – a disillusioned scientist strikes back.
A fairy godmother with a touch of dementia
Can the princess really pee through ten mattresses?
Plus the troll in the tower block, a stressed planning officer, the blog of the wicked queen, an account from the matron of Rapunzel's boarding school , a party at the Brown's house and many more.

Stories repeat after 6 as the book is now incomplete.

Full version available at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Broomsticks-Walking-Sticks-Zimmer-ebook/dp/B00A93ZK9E/ref published by Ecanus books.
Has also now been brought out as a paperback for anyone who wants it as a present for parents etc.


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Paris Singer wrote 17 hours ago

Good morning, Sue; Thank you once again for your comments; they....

Paris Singer wrote 1 day ago

Good morning, Sue; Thank you kindly for reading SD and for your ....

Cas Meadowfield wrote 2 days ago

Sue, where's Shape Shifter? It's not on my shelf!

kkobylar wrote 4 days ago

Hi, I just critiqued the first 4 chapters of "Whispering Magic." ....

Adam Richardson wrote 4 days ago

Hi, No worries at all. Thanks in advance and have a lovely Easter....

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I wrote 1 day ago

Popped back to read the last two uploaded chapters. I loved the MOOs and the description of Sphere matches is very exciting. I think this all works really well Ch. 4 nit-pics and typos towards 'where' the metal ball I thought describing Seven and One as the best two players was unnecess... view book

I wrote 1 day ago

CHIRG review I'm loving this. It's beautifully written as always. I like the exciting hook of the first chapter and I think it works well with the quieter second chapter. The descriptions of the various species are really convincing and original. I love the descriptions, You effortlessly com... view book

I wrote 8 days ago

CHIRG review. Great idea, a modern princess looking for Prince Charming. It's amusing and well written. I didn't spot any typos etc. The characters are believable and you've got some very funny moments. I liked the royal family in their onesies and the idea of them setting up like a farm tryin... view book

I wrote 11 days ago

Ch.3 I loved Uncle Gordon and the rubber car! One thought, the tone at the beginning of the chapter is very different from the previous chapters. It seems quite straight and serious. It's difficult to talk about bereavement and make it funny, of course. Maybe you could just jump straight... view book

I wrote 11 days ago

CHIRG Review Ch. 1 you have a very nice Roald Dahl type style here. A lot of good jokes and nice sick humour to appeal to kids. It's quite dark, which is fine. There are some very original touches. I really liked the various 'different' children and the pile! I can see that Ch. 2 gets the ... view book

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