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Thanks to everyone who helped Stonebird to fly to the Editor's Desk and remain there for the month.I am grateful for all your support and encouragement.

I've now uploaded Cloud, a WIP. Any comments or feedback gratefully received. I return all reads. The beautiful cover is by former Authonomite, Iso Nuys. Big thanks to him, once again. It should appear in a couple of days.

I only back books I like and don't change my shelf very often. I give honest feedback.

My avatar is called 'The Billy Boys' and is by Jack Vettriano, one of my favourite artists.

Books I would recommend on here are Threads of Time, Epoch Awakening, and The Rothko Room.(in no particular order but they are all worth a read.)

Now living in Africa and at last have time to follow my favourite occupations, writing and reading (and walking on the beach).

email address for agents or publishers papi-j-p@hotmail.fr

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In moments of stress, psychiatric patient Simon Valentine has learned to become Stonebird, an unmoving, unfeeling statue.

Simon Valentine started life as a foundling, living in a Home. After a fire in which Simon is injured, he spends the next few years in hospital and a psychiatric unit. Now he is out in the Community and learning to cope, helped by his psychiatric nurse.

He battles his obsessive/compulsive behaviour and his claustrophbia, all due to his experiences at the orphanage. In moments of stress he has learned to become Stonebird, an unmoving, unfeeling statue.

After he sees an angel in the local Shopping Precinct and follows her, his life changes dramatically. In reality she is a forty year old woman called Angela, bringing up two children alone. She befriends him and eventually he becomes a lodger in her house. Difficulties arise, not least the problem of his stormy relationship with Angela's teenage son, his unrequited love for Angela and a small boy who goes missing.

When Angela falls in love with someone else, Simon feels unable to stay and moves to a small flat where he meets Elvi a fellow survivor. All seems to be going well but one day, trapped in a lift that has broken down, he loses control. This time, Stonebird has deserted him.




The cloud, in Alice’s head, threatens to change her life, forever.

Suffering bereavement, after many years of happy marriage, Alice starts to experience memory loss and confusion. It feels as though she has a cloud in her head. Her daughter is in a hurry to get her put away in a Home, but Alice wants to stay in the house, which contains so many memories.
One day, she sees a small boy in her garden. His name is Gabriel, but he may not be real.


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D. George wrote 1 day ago

No problem. I love your writing style. Best of luck on the review. ....

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I wrote 15 hours ago

Yes, I'm the first to comment! I came to read this because I so much enjoyed your last book on here. I've only read chapter 1 so far but can see that you haven't lost your touch. Very funny, very telling (no, not in that sense) and hugely readable. I'll read on. Fontaine. view book

I wrote 3 days ago

I have just read all you've uploaded and hardly know how to comment. Anything I say sounds so inadequate. However, I'll give it a go. I don't usually read these kinds of books, for my own personal reasons, but I came to read this because it was written by you. I'm glad I did. Here we have this ordin... view book

I wrote 4 days ago

I have the greatest admiration for anyone who can write good historical fiction, as I can't imagiine anything I would less want to do. This came alive for me from the first lines. The atmosphere in the Church was quickly established with it's lurking enemies and shadows. The MC was quickly estabilsh... view book

I wrote 12 days ago

This is a fascinating book and many parts of it resonate with me. I have read three chapters, but am not going to read more at present, as I am short of time and this is not a book to be rushed through but to be savoured and pondered over. I wish you every success with this and thank you for an inte... view book

I wrote 14 days ago

Graphic writing in the first chapter, taking the reader right inside the doomed ship. This is not my usual genre, but I enjoyed it. The pace was good, and the tense, but controlled, atmosphere was well described. I liked the way the Captain's words and thoughts were at variance, revealing his humani... view book

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