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My name is Kate, and I'm dreaming of publishing a trilogy series of teen dystopian fantasy.
From April 2014 you will be able to purchase Twell Book 1 of The Como Chronicles through Fire & Ice YA books, Amazon, and other god online bookstores!

Twell Book 2, comes out in October 2014.


favourite books

The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins.
Matched-Allie Condie
Pride & Prejudice- Jane Austen
Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte
Mark of the lion series-Francine Rivers
Harry Potter series-J K Rowling
Dragon Tatto Trilogy-Stieg Larson

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Kate Malone

If you lived in a world that decided your future and who you would love... what would you fight for?

Como is still recovering from the devastating water war which decimated the population. To regrow the population the government decides whom a person will marry at 180 moons old.

Twell has one year of education left before the genetic partnering, and it’s already starting on a bad note. She’s secretly in love with her best friend, but he’s fallen for the most obnoxious girl on Como. The most popular boy in school delights in provoking her. And Twell has another secret- she can move objects with her mind.

But Twell isn’t the only student with paranormal gifts. The popular yet infuriatingly handsome boy has the power to heal. The best friend stealer can electrocute people. Then Twell and the other gifted students are assigned to a program that will turn them into human weapons. 

When Como's attacked again Twell risks her life to protect those she loves, facing enemies she never saw coming.

If Twell's lucky, she might find more than her calling, she might find true love. That is, if the government will let her. 



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Ohhhh I love this already! it's gripping and sexey from the start. Ch 1 The only thing I'd change is where she says 'Trust me to fall for the unatainable.' I'd say 'trust me to be attracted to the unattainable. A bit soon to fall for him, don't you think? I read the next few chapters as well. I... view book

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Okay this is a awesome first chapter. I laughed out loud three times in the first few paragraphs so what's a good sign! Also, I have never read anything like this, and it was instantly entertaining. Honestly. Slim curves- a bit of a contradiction God enjoys your suffering- seriously funny pro... view book

I wrote 443 days ago

Im back for chapter five! Cool start to the chapter, piquing mystery straight away. What was in her room? When she says she had hundreds of mozzie bites, then she narrows down an altercation with just one 'pest.' I'm sure she would be getting attacked by a swarm to have hundreds of mozzie bi... view book

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