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written 454 days ago

by the end of chapter 5, i'm in love with this story...

it has a few typos and errors and could do with another polishing, but that doesn't take away from it's brilliance. You start with a hook, and it doesn't die down... you want to hate the MC, but you want to root for her too... because... hey, that bitch had it coming, right?

anyway, this is awesome and will soon make an appearance on my pimp thread
For what it’s worth:

cheers for now
Jaclyn x
It Never Happened

thanks im glad you like the story! im excited that your putting it on your thread ^.^ view book

written 454 days ago

Do you realise that you have several typos and spelling mistakes in the pitches. It doesn't really do your book any favours.

i know this is a rough draft and im the worst with fixing grammar and spelling errors. once i find some else to peer edit for me it'll be better. view book

written 777 days ago

ill be sure to fix the flaws thanks for giving my story a chance C: spread the word if you can view book

written 783 days ago

[im glad you liked it :D its still a working progress. view book