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The Hallows

Jeanie Hickman

Hannah Carson grew up believing that Davie was her imaginary friend. As it turns out... he's something else entirely.

Sometimes seventeen-year-old Hannah Carson thinks she’s crazy. She has no friends, her family says she is peculiar, and, oh yeah—she has an imaginary friend. She can tolerate the snarky comments and the solitude, but she’d never be able to live without Davie. He's everything she could ever want in a best friend: funny, brave, a little bit of a rebel. He’s even saved her life before… twice. But when Tanner Adams, saunters into her life, her already tilted world is knocked upside down. He accepts Hannah’s farfetched secret as soon as she works up the courage to tell him, but she is shocked when he insists that Davie is a danger to her. Hannah ignores his claims until she witnesses the bizarre circumstances surrounding her aunt’s death. That’s when she begins to question things about Davie that don’t quite add up. What's he working so hard to keep from her? Why has he never mentioned his horrifying abilities before? And where does he really go all the time? The answers to all of these questions points to the same conclusion: Davie's not what he’s been claiming to be. But if he’s not really an imaginary friend, then what is he?


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Hello Ms. Hickman: “An Unfinished Innocence” explores adulterous a....

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I wrote 1128 days ago

Hello Corrine. I really like this book so far. I will continue reading the rest of the chapters after work. The only thing that kind of threw me off (and only in the beginning) was the choppiness of the sentences. But it was easy to get used to. And there is a good chance that I only thought it was... view book

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