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Actor, director, scriptwriter, singer and songwriter.

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Book going through rewrite, update, edit and polishing.

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Elijah E. Yamslaw

Our lives begin to end when we keep silent on the issues that matter. Our time demands it, our system compels it, and we're watching.

A riveting suspense thriller of greed, fraud and extortion about two families whose quest for wealth brought them to a scam called the 419 code. Both families, the Luciano and Gianaski are inherently greedy in their quest for affluence. Umberto Luciano and Paolo Gianaski are the two greedy friends that will hold you captive as they lose their money in a crude oil business in Nigeria.

This gripping tale also embraces the tricks, brilliantly layered with fraud terminologies and interwoven with convincing words, as it weave into the tapestry of this trick that has crippled many businesses in the world. The threads are taken from real life, characters actually known, places been, seen and event experienced.

What emerges between the Scammed, the scammer and how they were tricked, will have readers engrossed with these captivating and unique cast of characters. Its innovative, it’s provocative, it’s nonstop creation of action packed intrigue, sadistic vendettas, where brutality and kidnapping are the daily menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a stunning finale.

Editing and polishing is finished, will soon appear.

Will reciprocate all reads and backings.


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Hi Elijah, That's good to know about your work on fantasy fiction ....

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