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Viper pilot for the colonial fleet.
Amateur pyramid player.

Madly in love with all things sci-fi and fantasy.

Here to back, not to post my own work. Been there, done that; wasted too much time and got bored.

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I was here as a writer, and now I'm back as a reader.

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http://www.kristell-ink.com     http://www.facebook.com/sammyhksmithauthor

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Raven Paramour wrote 311 days ago

Hi Kara! I just wanted to let you know that I plan to add more chapte....

music_from_mars wrote 571 days ago

Starbuck, If you like dark, literary fantasy, I think you will enjoy....

Elizabeth H wrote 575 days ago

Thanks so much for the backing! I have only just noticed as I have be....

mdws77 wrote 576 days ago

As one of my original previous backers, I would like to give you the ....

Raven Paramour wrote 576 days ago

I'm doing good, Kara:) It is good to see that you are back. I've b....

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I wrote 589 days ago

Just a Reader Review (short one at that) I was pointed to this book by a friend who felt that it would probably be my cup of tea. I'm a massive lover of steampunk, fantasy and science fiction, and if the book I'm reading has a quirky twist, or a unique touch on those genres - I'm a happy bunny. ... view book

I wrote 637 days ago

I've reactivated my account on this site, and I'm backing the books that stayed with me during my 4 month hiatus. This was one. There's a freshness here that I find difficult to put my finger on. Victorian gothic literature is a genre often overlooked, but saying that, this book straddles that gen... view book

I wrote 784 days ago

Am 6 Chapters in so far and really enjoying this. I'm really late with my return read - and I am sorry, annoyingly, if I had known this was so good - I would have read sooner! Definitely intrigued, definitely loving Damian and "Uncle Lou," but it;s Emma I really love. She's identifiable to a lot of... view book

I wrote 785 days ago

Elle - when are you going to stop teasing me and upload the full MS!!! I'm desperate to read the end :( Cruel Wench! I might have to spank you :D view book

I wrote 794 days ago

I just read the first chapter and admit, I want to read more. I enjoy a good vamp story (Drac, Anita Blake etc) and it's nice to read something that remains "fresh" in what has become a stagnant yet swamped market. I actually felt a little sorry of Olson! But I love the pragmatic nature of the K... view book

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