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I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember, but have always said 'I don't have time.'

A couple of years ago I finally decided to stop prevaricating, and started working on Life Beyond. I travel a lot for work, and write mainly while I'm stuck on broken down trains, waiting at airports for flights that never arrive, or stuck in strange hotel rooms in cities I have no desire to visit.

I have now finished The Winning Hand, the first book in the Life Beyond trilogy, and am working on Roulette, the next book in the series.

I had hoped writing would become a hobby, but I wasn't prepared for how compulsively addictive it is. The more I write the more determined I become to pursue writing as a career. As such I would love to hear from anyone directly, whether for mutual feedback and support, networking or representation. Please feel free to get in touch at jowaldron13@gmail.com.

favourite books

I adore chick-lit (the trashier the better), love fantasy – particularly if there is a hot vampire somewhere in the mix, Matina Cole is another favourite and anything about ancient Rome or Greek mythology is guaranteed to arouse my interest.

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my books

The Winning Hand

Oktober Osbourn

When Bethany Dean wakes up in heaven following her untimely death, she finds herself facing the hardest choice she's ever had to make.

For hopelessly incurable romantic, Bethany Dean, heaven isn't all it's cracked up to be. Having been married three times on earth, God decrees she must choose which of her three husbands to spend the rest eternity with in the afterlife, forgetting forever those she doesn't chose.

Granted one week to make her choice, and the opportunity to see each of her husbands again in the afterlife, Beth prepares to be re-united with her first husband, George, for the final time by telling the story of their marriage.

Through a disastrous early love affair, Beth is lead to the excitement of the Cheltenham festival, where a chance bet at long odds steers the course of her life towards both love; and ultimately ruin.

Beth finishes her tale, but soon realises that no amount of remembering can prepare her for the reality of seeing George again; or change the fact that the riskiest gamble of all is still to come.....

The Winning Hand is the first book of the Life Beyond trilogy. Beth's journey through her subsequent marriages continues over the following two books, as she draws ever closer to having to make her impossible choice.


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I wrote 829 days ago

I've read your first two chapters and I love the originality of your concept. You construct your fantasy world beautifully and with detailed clarity. For me personally, the writing is a little too high level, which I find hard to keep reading. This is just down to preference, though, and for the sty... view book

I wrote 837 days ago

I've read three chapters and had to back - this is absolutely hilarious! The sex scene with the major and Eustice in the boat made me laugh out loud, one of the funniest things I've read in ages. Your writing is fantastic, with a wonderful tone, great pace and truly engaging characters. I love it an... view book

I wrote 838 days ago

Your opening is very strong and immediately grabs the attention, providing a great hook to keep reading. I love the pace and energy you write with, working well with the short chapters and different insights that keep the action moving. You have a great eye and well timed wit, with some wonderful ob... view book

I wrote 840 days ago

I stumbled across this by chance and I am very glad I did! This is a unique take on the fairytale theme, managing to make classic stories fresh and new by changing the perspective. I love the concept and your writing is very good - very natural with lovely, strong voices and engaging, witty characte... view book

I wrote 847 days ago

I love your prologue - certainly is straight into the action, and very well done. Couldn't help but read on, and enjoyed getting to know Dean and Clarissa more as they are interesting characters. From the outset, you set up the tension that's to come well - the fact that they are mixed race and both... view book

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