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As a high school English teacher in Independence, OR, I am doing my best to practice what I preach to my students: I'm trying to hone my craft. When I'm not hammering away at another novel or blog post, I'm listening to my six-year-old son develop his story-telling skills.

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The Road
The Shadow of the Wind
The God of Small Things
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Hunger Games
The Year of the Flood
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

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How are you ? I am currently at 31 slowly dropping. Is there a chance....

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I wrote 1062 days ago

I think my six-year-old would really enjoy this. You have a natural story-teller's voice. There are some missed commas here and there (including one in the second paragraph, a couple of fused sentences, and in this last chapter you use "finally" two sentences in a row. Most of the book is pretty pol... view book

I wrote 1071 days ago

Your premise is wonderful. The book starts out slowly though, and though I enjoy a slow start in so many of my favorite books, I've learned it's a killer in the industry, especially for first time authors. I'm up to chapter five now and I'm wondering if there's a way to jump start the action earlier... view book

I wrote 1075 days ago

Great premise. I would have picked this up immediately in a bookstore, and so far I am not disappointed. (And, speaking as an English teacher, can I tell you how nice it is to read someone who can punctuate properly? I have read some books on this site with great ideas, but the execution leaves a lo... view book

I wrote 1075 days ago

Strong start. You've piqued my interest. A couple notes: It's McDonald's (no Mac). Ages are hyphenated (i.e. seventeen-year-old"). And you might want to make mention of where Durham is for your ignorant American readers, because I assumed you meant North Carolina, only she calls her mother "Mum" so ... view book

I wrote 1081 days ago

The strength of your prose is both in the lyrical twists of phrase and in the reliance on a conversational rhythm. They do conflict sometimes though, when people say things that are too perfect to sound natural. Still, it's fun just to be in the presence of these characters. I actually found myself ... view book

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