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Semi-retired now. Spent 32 years as a firefighter and fire rescue captain. I love the outdoors: camping, fishing, boating. I travel extensively and have circled the globe on the old overland hippie trail from Oz to London. Recent trips include Vietnam, Laos, Dominican Republic, S. Korea, Beijing, Cambodia, and Toronto. I write adult firefighting fiction and juvenile fiction. I have published several travel articles and short stories and won a few competitions. I manage a writers group at my local library.

All my postings are only of a few chapters of completed eBooks. They are available at many online retailers. I'm rarely able to read through entire stories here, but the first few chapters I can do. I find they usually are good indications of the remainder. They should be well-edited, lead the reader toward a path, and create interest.

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Gates of Fire: Pompeii: Mystic River; A Confederacy of Dunces; CIA: A Legacy Of Ashes; Gerry's War; Hard Revolution; Shogun; The Ruins; An Ice Cream War; Iron River

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VooDoo Bully

E.R. Yatscoff

Evens knows who poisoned his dog. Seeking revenge will require smarts and manipulating the school bully. Maybe a little bit of voodoo will help.

Evens Duluce, an ambitious Haitian boy, knows who poisoned his dog Scraps, and vows to get even. He manages most of the flyer and newspaper deliveries around town and pays more than passing attention to things he sees, secrets some citizens would rather stay hidden. Getting even for the dog’s death will require smarts and manipulation. Unfortunately, he has to manipulate the high school bully, who hides a very dark secret. Manipulating the bully won’t be easy, but maybe a little bit of voodoo will go a long way. It's bloody noses and twisted arms, racists, dead cats, poisoned cafeteria food, and hoping his phony voodoo will put enough scare into people to do his bidding. Evens' father was a detective in Haiti and was killed years ago, but left a trunk of mysterious items for his son. With the dusty trunk full of chicken bones and rattles, featureless dolls, and very scary makeup, Evens decides to be breaking bad. Branded as the school psycho and on the edge of getting suspended, Evens enlists a few friends to seek justice for the death of his dog.


Old Flames

E.R. Yatscoff

Heroic fire Captain Gerry Ormond returns home after a long absence to discover his teenage crime is coming to light, threatening to unravel his life.

Captain Gerry Ormond is launched to national prominence due to a daring rescue. He visits his hometown after a twenty year absence and unwittingly unleashes a killer, an arsonist who seeks revenge for a teenage crime while in a renegade fraternity. He meets Karen, a high school sweetheart, igniting an obsession he can barely control and whose husband looks good for a recent arson/murder. Nick Modano, ex-fraternity president, and now ruthless drug dealer, is the only other person alive who participated in the old crime with Gerry. Nick will never forget, or forgive, Gerry running out on him during their old crime. When Nick dies in an explosion, Samantha ‘Sam’ Markham, a crack fire investigator, begins to hound Gerry, believing his past is connected to the present crime wave. For Gerry, the almost forgotten past has risen from the ooze and taken on a life of its own. As a man used to chaos control, he is powerless to close the door to his evil past. Admitting his old crime will help track down the arsonist but it could also destroy him. It’s a tightrope he walks in a town where old friends are now enemies.


Gerry's War

E.R. Yatscoff

Gerry Ormond, now a Niagara Falls fire chief, is plunged into a world of extortion, bribery, and embezzlement, along with the brutal Red Mafiya.

After a tragic commercial fire where two firefighters die due to negligence, the consequent inquiry goes awry. Chief Gerry Ormond, newly appointed fire chief of Niagara Falls, is set up as the scapegoat. While battling a hostile administration, he discovers missing capital funds, high-level corruption, and believes a casino hotel project is being hijacked by the Red Mafiya. A cabal in the city administration has neutered his power, limiting his actions. Unwilling to play nice he vows to set things right--his way. The fire rescue branch and the Red Mafiya are connected somehow, but finding a link proves elusive. Forces he barely understands push back--hard. More firefighters die. Karen, his common-law wife, is savagely beaten by her estranged husband, Branko, a suspected Red Mafiya enforcer. Gerry vows to hunt him down while running a gauntlet of bribes, threats, and extortion. Gerry stumbles into a federal investigation of the brutal Mafiya and is warned to back off. Tracking down Branko consumes him, putting himself and Karen in harm’s way. His rogue investigation is a declaration of war against them. Fire Chief Gerry Ormond is like no other chief you've ever imagined.


Archie's Gold

E.R. Yatscoff

When shoeshine boy Archie Crane finds a gold coin in his money can his world is turned upside down.

Archie Crane has a dream to be reunited with his estranged father. Shining shoes in front of a hotel in a tough blue-collar town is the only way, but it'll take a lot of nickels and dimes for a bus ticket. Shining shoes is his first job and it's not easy fending off drunks and cheats. Archie has developed a tough exterior working the streets, but inside he’s just a lonely kid who seeks his father’s love. Archie doesn’t like his school and the kids at school don’t like him. His only friends are an old ex-vaudeville entertainer, Freddie Fox, a secretive Indian, Lyle Raintree, and Ma Belasky, a mysterious gypsy woman who runs the local café, a hangout for ex-cons and riff-raff. Boogy, a local rink rat, is determined to wrest the shoe-shine spot away from Archie by any means. After Boogy pushes him into traffic, Archie awakens in the hospital with two detectives at his bedside, very curious as to how a stolen gold coin ended up in his money can. That's when the trouble starts. One stolen gold coin is a curiosity, but when he stumbles upon 42, his simple world suddenly is fraught with danger.


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Hi, We are starting a new group for mystery/crime writers on Authonom....

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Thanks Tod, After 32 years with fire rescue you'd think I could spel....

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I wrote 248 days ago
I wrote 248 days ago

I will look for Hellion 2, thanks. view book

I wrote 656 days ago

Good solid writing. Okay, you have some structure problems: indents are inconsistent, paragraphs occasionally have too much going on in them from separate areas. Keep one persons/actions/thoughts/dialogue together and don't mix with anything else, same for narration, keep it separate. Also, I'd r... view book

I wrote 656 days ago

Thanks Tod, After 32 years with fire rescue you'd think I could spell cheif right. LOL. Seriously, it's a mental blank. Also after AG went through numerous rewrites and editing as well as 5 critics in my writers group there are still phantom errors that drive me insane. Thanks. view book

I wrote 659 days ago

Read two chapters. Well written and for the most part,edited as well. I don't care for fantasy stories and I do write in the genre. A few areas I picked out. The 1st page: No one went down SH Road at night. This should have its own line for impact. You do a lot of 'telling' in this chapter. I'... view book

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