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First time ever writing a book, but after the loss of my daughter and then my son, I needed to do something to keep myself active. So i have wrote a fiction book, whilst being a mother to 6 children. For years people told me to write about the spiritual encounters that I have had. So now, I feel that the time has come to share with all.

Would Like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Geneive from Writing Wildy for doing the Editing on my book x

any questions please ask x

favourite books

Just finished reading the triology of Mr Grey -
Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Deeper and Fifty Shades Freed by E L James reminds me a lot of Jackie Collins. I also like Virginia Andrews and Danielle Steele.
Also the trilogy of the hunger games - Suzanne Collins
Insatiable - Meg Cabot

my websites

http://www.sambennetts.co.uk     http://www.sleepingangelsunite.co.uk

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my books

Clairvoyant or Crazy????


Clairvoyant or Crazy?

So far the past twenty years, I had been what people call a psychic
clairvoyent medium. I had given them things that only they knew or
could take. They had come to me via the world and trusted my
belief and supported me with what they called the gift! But here I
was, now questioning everything.

How did I get all the information? Who was it that I spoke to?
Was it their relatives? I could sense their illnesses or those who
had passed. Who or what gave me such accurate information?
Was I really this person that everyone said I was or was I just one
sick woman who needed medical help, treatment, therapy? Or
should they just lock me up and throw the key away? I needed
answers and needed them fast.

This Book is based on my true life experiences


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I wrote 603 days ago

Hi everyone, My book has now been edited and I have lost all my watchers and bookshelve ratings... please all help me to get these back and please enjoy the updated version... Many thanks to genevieve from writing wildly for doing this.. Mrs B view book

I wrote 619 days ago

Hi everyone thanks so much for your comments.... my book is going into editing. It was ment to start yesterday but is now starting on 13th aug :) I am really looking forward to seeing my book come to life and you will still sound like im talking x Please can you all continue to show your suppo... view book

I wrote 639 days ago

HI I would like to thank you all for taking time in reading my book Psychic or Psycho... I am pleased to say that the book will go through editing on 6th August. SO my little baby will be brought to life :) cant wait. thanks again Mrs. B view book

I wrote 647 days ago

Have backed view book

I wrote 647 days ago

Hi penny, I am a person who likes to hold a book in my hand. I have only read the first chapter and I personally feel that your book fits into my hand category. Well done on such good writing a skills. Should you have time please have a read of my book psychic or psycho Many thanksand good lu... view book

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