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For instance many a single error. Adhominem attacks take in Sicilian militia. Vengence is a nicety.

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Mostly Sci-fi, but some other stuff. I quite enjoyed the Flashman books when I was younger. Not horror though (why do people put the two together?) Apart from 'I've been Deader' of course

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http://www.aslightmistakeinthecode.com     http://mcvoices.weebly.com/tom-greenwoods-blog.htm

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A slight mistake in the Code

Tom Greenwood

Orange souls, no rainbows or wasps, spokes connecting the earth to the sky. Welcome to the Sphere.

“You’re a farmer’s son right?”
“Well yes, you know that…”
“Oh shit, oh shit. Bugger!”
“You’re coming off on a sodding quest with me.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’ve a good mind to take you home now for all… Listen if we see a magic sword, we don’t touch it.”
Janol just stared at Onnil, what was she talking about? Magic swords!
“Oh no,” she was almost crying. “I’ve become a cliché.”

Oh and why are the years named after coffee brands and what exactly is a Zippy?

Cover by Bradley Wind.


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Tillerman wrote 28 days ago

Tom, you've backed Still Waters! Thank you very much. I really apprec....

Tillerman wrote 34 days ago

Hello Tom, how are you? Please don't think this is spam, because i....

IceMaiden786 wrote 133 days ago

Hi Tom, I've shown the amazon link to my team. We'll get back to y....

IceMaiden786 wrote 133 days ago

Hi Tom, So if you're still interested and would like one of us to....

Five Go Glamping wrote 499 days ago

I didn't realise when I reactivated it, I'd have to unprivate it to b....

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I wrote 567 days ago

I thought - here's a sci-fi book in the top five. I'll have a read. The main problem I have is that it feels like an info-dump, there is too much background story and not enough characterisation. Have the information come out slowly in the book through character interaction, and I know it's a ... view book

I wrote 834 days ago

Brilliant - read up to the end of Chapter 18 and do hope to read more sometime view book

I wrote 836 days ago

Chapter 12 I woke when I her crying - you've missed out heard. Really enjoying this view book

I wrote 837 days ago

Ignore the comment about capitalisation - it is obviously deliberate. Anyway Ch 4 'very soon need her arm' change this view book

I wrote 837 days ago

Excellent, I really want to know what is going on and I really like the style. A sort of P&P fantasy book. That is something I would never be able to carry off and you've managed it. I spotted a few minor things need, I would have hyphenated 'twenty fifth' and probably 'under linen'. Also you've ... view book

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