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I was minding my own business when the words of Peter’s Prelude came to me. It started, “I must be the luckiest man in the world....” I knew that these were not my words at the time, so I began to explore who said this and what he meant.

Soon I learned that the speaker was Simon Peter bar Jonah, the apostle of Jesus. Thus began my search to discover the reasons Peter thought his life was rich beyond compare. Epistle recounts the story of one of the most amazing lives ever lived and reveals great truths about lives worth living. For Peter, and for you and me, that can make all the difference. Peter's Prelude can be found at the beginning of both Epistle, Book I, The Promise, and Epistle, Book II, The Present. So begin your exploration today.

John lives in Florida with his wife and daughter and practices law in Daytona Beach.

His e-mail address is Jnortonpa@msn.com.

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Epistle - Book I, The Promise

John S. Norton, Jr. and John S....

Have you ever encountered an angel?

Zechariah spent his life hoping for a miracle but when he met the angel who granted his wish, he became speechless and almost lost the chance of a lifetime. Fortunately he recovered his senses and in carrying out the angel’s request, he set events into motion that would forever change the world. Two thousand years of a nation's waiting and longing would come to fruition in a way almost all would find unimaginable.

A simple act of faith can change the world.


Epistle - Book II The Present....

John S. Norton, Jr. and John S....

What was it that caused his disciples to suffer rejection, prison, beatings and death to share the good news about Jesus?

During his life on earth, Jesus never ruled a kingdom, lived in a palace, led an army or traveled a hundred miles from his home. His life and words, though, have shaped 2000 years of western civilization. Billions have followed him. Honor him, hate him or try to ignore him, but we live in his shadow.

Eyewitnesses told his story after he was gone. His disciples’ message spread across the Mediterranean faster than the wind, changing hearts from Egypt to Asia, Rome, and Spain, within their lifetimes. Today everyone has heard the news, or some clip of it, but distortions hide the true Jesus and muffle his words. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and modern influences crowd out the living Christ.

Is the story of Jesus dead? Not as long as the words Peter, John, James and the others ring loud and true. To this end, Epistle retells the story through the life of Peter, his disciple, and shares his experience with people across the world.

Epistle returns you to these early days, to the roots of the Christian faith. Find the reasons Peter said that following Jesus made all the difference to him and will in your life too.


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Hi John, You're my fellow Floridian and Christian :)) I'm on the op....

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I wrote 1149 days ago

Hi SuzieQ, Four more days, then all that hard work will be rewarded. Editor's desk here you come! John (Jnortonpa) view book

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Hi Zombie, I am partially giving your suggestion a try. The Prologue is the story, though, so it has to stay. John view book

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Nichole, I am so happy to see a Christian book at the top of the weekly charts. Good for you! I have enjoyed both your Bible (and other) quotation selections and your commentary on those selections. They truly offer hope and solace to those in pain.( I start each chapter of Epistle, my stories... view book

I wrote 1154 days ago

Hi A.J., I very much enjoyed reading the chapters of Mine Alone that you have posted. I've read all six chapters and the realism improves with each. The Ashley - Brian talk in chapter 6 is the best and most emotional sceneof the work. It is excellent. You pitch mentions Brian's atheism, but ... view book

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Hi Erin, I have enjoyed the first few chapters of Search Me. Your characters are teenagers, and real teenagers need to know about Jesus. They need to know how His love can change their lives. I was surprised, therefore, that Search Me is not listed in the Young Adult section as your main genre. ... view book

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