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I believe in supporting all writers no matter what their personal writing styles are. Feel free to ask me to read you stuff.

That being said, who I choose to read/critique/back/support or otherwise encourage remains my choice. I am not here to please everyone. If I remove my comments, backing, or anything of that sort, it is my choice to make. If I choose to explain my reasoning to you it is because I feel you deserve the explanation. I may remove your book from my shelf to give another book a few days because I am in a toss up or I need the slot. If you ask for more than a casual read, I will likely respond with just the read (if the book catches my attention).

My preference is Fantasy, Sci-fi or Thriller. Age category is irrelevant. If you have interesting characters, or an interesting story, I am interested in reading it. Generally not a fan of historical fiction or literary fiction though there are a few out there that have caught my attention.

I check this daily, however please be patient with my responses as I like to read everything you have posted and understand they are constructive critiques.

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Chickadee wrote 382 days ago

Thanks for backing 'The Haunting Of Claire Chambers' :) Marnie

trunks592002 wrote 405 days ago

im told my book is very funny. check it out please http://authonomy.....

HariPatience wrote 412 days ago

Thanks RL. I was just worried that I'd missed something in your first....

HariPatience wrote 412 days ago

Hi RL I've added 3 more chapters if you want to have a look. I ....

Nigel Fields wrote 412 days ago

RL, Thank you for being a supportive reader here. My work, A Lark As....

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I wrote 417 days ago

Finished reading, and I am beyond impressed. Truly a great story, and I still want more! As far as critique, there is not much I can say. There were a few times where the phrasing, or bits of dialog seemed forced. The sum of the story more than makes up for those slight blemishes. By chapter 6 or ... view book

I wrote 418 days ago

Good God Man! This is certainly some of the most superb writing I have had the pleasure to taste with my eyes. If this Tome of Magnificence is in print somewhere I must find it. I honestly tried to pick something, just one thing, to offer to improve your work. But I can't. Well played, R.L.... view book

I wrote 418 days ago

Marnie, You painted a picture in chapter one that was excessively easy to read. It engaged me and I am always on the hunt for stories that provide rich and detailed characters. Characters that are believeable and even remotely likeable in one regard or another. There is enough detail to keep ... view book

I wrote 419 days ago

Sarah, I couldn't stop reading. And I wish I didn't have to. I am aware it is incomplete, and first draft status. However I do hope you find enough encouragement to see this through. Typically I look for an interesting plot, but even more importantly to me, is interesting characters and charac... view book

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