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Very excited to be back with the authonomy clan :)

Quick update: SLAVE:Escaping the Chains of Freedom has been published courtesy Seaburn Publishing Group and I've just finished writing book 2 which I would love some feed back on and will be uploading shortly. You can read more about the projects (if you feel like it) on my website; www.jacquelinemalcolm.com

In the meantime I'm really looking forward to reading your work. My tendency is to read just the first chapter and comment on that - this way I get to read through lots of peoples work and back more people. I've been away so my bookshelf is pretty empty - very much looking forward to filling it again :)

A number of people have asked who created my artwork - that was from my sister, Karol Malcolm - if you need help please feel free to contact her here; http://www.facebook.com/KarolArtAndDesign

I love living in an imperfect world - where everyone's both the hero and the villain!!! In some twisted way its our flaws that inspire me most.

favourite books

Anything and everything by Philippa Gregory!!
The Boudica Series by Manda Scott
Most books by Dean Koontz

my websites

http://www.jacquelinemalcolm.com/     https://www.facebook.com/slavethetrilogy

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my books

SLAVE: Escaping the Chains of ....


A novel about Hezekiah Thomas, a freed slave who through a series of events goes against his beliefs to become an owner of slaves.

Having gained his longed for freedom, Hezekiah Thomas is faced with making it on his own for the first time in his life, though his wife and child remain the property of his vengeful half-brother, James Thomas IV. But graced with a sharp mind and high intelligence, he soon begins his own business in shoemaking and in time a fateful meeting with black slave trader, Albert Shelton, leads to Hezekiah being contracted by The Crown to supply the boots for the invading English armies. However, in order for him to afford to meet the quantities, he enters into an alliance with Shelton which forces Hezekiah to go against all of his principals to become an owner of slaves, convincing himself that it will give them all the perfect life - one of wealth and freedom. To secure the deal, Shelton requests Ruth, Hezekiah’s only daughter, as security against the loan, through marriage to his son, Adam. But Ruth has plans of her own and begins a love affair with Ezekiel, head slave belonging to Hezekiah, and soon becomes pregnant with his child. When Hezekiah discovers the deception he must find a way to appease Shelton before everything is lost.


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D. S. Hale wrote 320 days ago

Hi, Jacqueline! Would you consider a book swap? Your story sounds i....

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Special freebie spam. Dear friend, my book is free on Amazon this ban....

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Greetings! I'm dropping a note to my friends on Authonomy who wrote ....

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Hi, Jacqueline. How have you been? I finally got around to upload....

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Hi, Jaci! I see that you haven't been on this site for a little while....

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I wrote 537 days ago

This is a delightful read - very easy to follow with a strong story line. I want to read and write more but I'm being rushed away so highly starred and backing from me for sure - Jac :D view book

I wrote 537 days ago

I think you've captured some real magic here. Seriously. The writing is almost entrancing. Your style reminds me of Manda Scott in her Boudica series - the pace is very slow, very descriptive, the capturing of the old man at the very beginning, the candles, the colors, the flames - and yet its so we... view book

I wrote 537 days ago

I love your characterization - I was immediately drawn in from the first line and what a brilliant way to start a book - just as the plane is about to crash. You've covered some really technical issues and explanations superbly - by giving me the information but without it interrupting the flow of t... view book

I wrote 561 days ago

Hey - I've read the first chapter and at once was reminded of slam poetry in a novel format - which I actually really liked and think you have the option to explore this even further. You have a very dark opening but as its written quite poetically it becomes immediately engaging. You've captured th... view book

I wrote 570 days ago

Thanks so much for taking the time to review Janet/Helen - yep, I tend to over punctuate - thankfully its now with the editors who are kindly setting this to rights :) - The purpose of the book is to readdress how we perceive slaves and how they were treated. Not all were treated in the same fashion... view book

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