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Unpublished, Unagented and Undiscouraged.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my two stories that made the desk here on Authonomy. As a mere novice, I suspect it may well be the only acclaim I ever achieve as an author but it's all good. I've sure enjoyed the experience and feel I have learned a lot, especially from the reviews I received from the HC folks.

As writers, I think the most important attribute we can have is the ability to be 'thick-skinned'. While critique for the most part, no matter who offers it is but one person's opinion, the chance to get it in bulk such as here on Authonomy allows us to use the law of averages so to speak, to determine what is useful in our endeavor.

As a storyteller first and foremost, I like to write character-driven, fast-paced tales that often feature every-day underdog characters who must rise to the occasion to overcome the odds by which represent their threat. It is pleasing to think that someone might read and enjoy a story I've written and it truely is the only reward I seek to gain from my work.

I appreciate any / all critique / comments about any of my stories. No need to 'sugar-coat' them as it is not necessary with me. I've been to the desk twice, been shown my shortcomings and used the valuable information to try and better my craft.

In personal life I've been a Private Investigtator, Repo Man, writer and truck driver. I've owned a trucking company, one of the largest repo companies in the southeastern US and embarked on many endeavors most folks consider 'don't-do' 'shouldn't-do' couldn't-do' stuff.

Soon I'll be posting my personal autobiography here on authonomy, THE TAKE-BACK MAN, The True Life Story of the Repo Man. Keep an eye out for it and please feel free to comment.

Good Luck to everyone with their work and may the Literary Gods be kind to you!

favourite books

I like to identify authors as opposed to books. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote my favorite book. Ironically, it was the first book I ever read as well. KIDNAPPED.

My favorite Authors:
Louisa May Alcott, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Sir Walter Ralegh, Arthur Conan Doyle, Poe, Shakespear, Scott (Ivanhoe), Agatha Christie, James Fenimore Cooper, Dean Koontz, John Grisham, Patterson, Ian Fleming.
(You get the idea. I like the older stuff as a rule)

Please take a moment to visit my website if you get the chance. See the address below:

my websites

https://sites.google.com/site/emdelaneyauthor/home     http://authorsonshow.com/emmett/

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my books


E M Delaney

The True Life Story of The Repo Man

If someone would've told me that I'd become a repo man when I was young, I'd of thought they were crazy. I mean, who with all the things there are to do for wages would want to sneak around in people's yards in the middle of the night, stealing cars for a living? Then again, maybe it's me who's nuts, because I became one. Fact is, I've spent over half of my fifty-three years as a 'recovery agent'. And...I've personally repossessed over twenty-thousand vehicles. I've investigated auto-theft scams, helped bring down some of the world's most notorious identity-theft rings, been chased by mobsters, helped teach the US Secret Service and FBI how to combat the problem and even saved you a little money on that new car you just bought. All without so much as a Private Investigtors license. Oh sure, I've done some sneaking around in back yards too and I'll tell you a few of those stories, but, if you'll come with me, I'll tell you another tale that will have you cheering, laughing and crying, sometimes on the very same page. Don't believe me? Well, it's true. Come on, read!



E M Delaney

Repo man Joe Kelly, has stumbled across something the government desperately wants; compelling evidence of a man-made virus running rampant through society.

It is a decades-old journal, authored by a government scientist in the 1970’s, describing her part in a top-secret project gone awry. Her colleague had unleashed a virus aimed at eliminating certain segments of society. Horrified, and unsure of who to trust, Kelly is thrust into involvement that could cost him his life. His failure to act, however, will cost many more. As he struggles to unravel the mysterious scheme and expose those responsible, he is pursued by CIA man-hunters for his find; placing him in a dangerous race to locate a possible cure that he learns may exist.

THE VIRUS is a completely fictional story. Any persons, places or accounts that bear resemblence to actual events or people are purely coincidental. WARNING: Contains strong language and graphic descriptions of violence.



E M Delaney

Retired Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Detective Dwayne Chevalier, faces the most challenging case he has ever encountered. Is it murder, redemption or a miracle?

Eighty year old swamp dweller, Etta Mouton, a woman of color, lives deep in the Louisiana bayou. It isn't often that she finds a young white man near her river shack, shot six times and left for dead.

Secluded from society by choice, Etta has lived in the bayou for fifty-five years, ever since she was raped and her brothers killed by white men in New Orleans in the 1950's. During the aftermath of the worst hurricane in US history, she hadn't counted on being burdened with nursing an unappreciative young caucasion man with an attitude back to health.

Major Dwayne Chevalier is affectionately referred to by his former collegues as the black Sherlock Holmes. After all, he is the most successful investigator in Louisiana history. He'll be challenged by this case however, as he is called upon to come out of retirement and figure out a case with more twists and turns than a winding mountain road.

Is it murder, redemption or a miracle he seeks to find?

MIRACLE IN THE SWAMP, a suspenseful Mystery / Thriller, combines four main charcters in a story of murder and redemption.



E M Delaney

A wrong turn in traffic leads Phillip Murphy spiraling down a road of tragedy, deception and accusations of his involvement in two homicides.

After regaining consciousness behind the wheel of his car, Atlanta police officers are jerking him out of it. An elderly woman lies dead in the street just fifty feet behind them. Phil insists he was carjacked but witnesses have a different story.

When opiates are found in his system during a blood test the charges turn into Vehicular Homicide. That would be a nightmare for anyone if they weren’t guilty, but are only the beginning of Phil’s troubles. Now his wallet has turned up at the scene of another homicide across town; the murder of an ex-professional football player…turned heroine dealer.

It would be hard to believe things could get any worse for Phillip Murphy, but they’re about to.

Agents / Publishers: emdelaneytheauthor@gmail.com



E M Delaney

Over-the-road trucker, Lester Moore, leads every poll in the country for the office of President of The United States. The thing is, he isn't running!

If only Les wouldn't have won that laptop computer for being selected his company's 'Driver of the Year', none of this would be happening. Just as soon as a lady friend shows him how to use the contraption, he enters a political survey contest that asks the question: What would be the first thing you'd do if you were elected President? His answer, which mentioned something about an average guy having the job, ends up printed on the front page of 'The National News Daily'. All it took then was a couple of college pranksters setting up a website, Write-In Les Moore for President, and his popularity skyrockets. It was all a big joke.

A divorced, fifty-six year old with health concerns and an IRS problem, Les is not your typical presidential candidate by any stretch. But, people love him and they are logging in to the site by the millions to pledge their support.

The bureaucrats in Washington aren't about to have some truck driver hi-jack the election process and they are willing to do whatever is necessary to avoid it, up to and including, eliminating the problem altogether.

AGENTS: emdelaneytheauthor@gmail.com


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I welcome everyone to critique THE TAKE BACK MAN. I really appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. I can tell you, it isn't easy to write about yourself and when doing so, a lot of the general 'rules' of writing go out the window. Writing about one self, a person has to pretty much do i... view book

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