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In the year 2000 I was diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder. As a result, I have spent years navigating and managing mental illness. I could not have done it without my Lord. "With All My Mind" is the overflow of my relationship with Him in the midst of mental illness.
The mentally ill with in the church is very much in need of ministering to. I hope this book will minister to those who struggle, and will provide insight for family and loved ones who don't.

You can reach me at my email address, lynda.ventura@yahoo.com Thank you and God bless you!

Cover art by Maria Talbot with many thanks!

Thank you.

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The Holy Bible, NKJV
My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers
anything & everything by Max Lucado

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With All My Mind

Lyn Ventura

A friend's words,"Let your scars tell God's story," gave birth to this devotional designed to minister to the mentally ill and those who love them.

The challenges we face being mentally ill are many. The condition is not widely understood in society, let alone in the church. There are ministries for the divorced, ministries for the addicted, men and women's ministries, but there aren't ministries (in most churches) for those with an illness of the mind.This book is that ministry. It is full of devotions designed to encourage faith as well as mental wellness. It shines the light of Christ into the dark world of mental illness.


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I wrote 423 days ago

Hi It isn't easy to write an interesting book such as this, but you have done it. You instruct your readers without being boring. Your voice is clearly heard, so it feels more like being in a classroom than just sitting down with a book. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Nice work! ... view book

I wrote 425 days ago

Hi Todd, I have to say your technique for prayer is very unique. I couldn't quite get in to the tapping part, but I loved the focus aspect of your book. I especially liked the way you formulated questions for intercessory/surrogate prayer as it aways helps to have a deeper understanding of what o... view book

I wrote 429 days ago

Hi Melissa, I really enjoyed your book. I got a little chuckle over the whole "sun barreling down to the earth" thing as I had stuggled with those kinds of fears myself. I finally decided to leave those matters in God's hands and just trust Him. I get what you're saying about fear though. I thin... view book

I wrote 429 days ago

Hi Rob, Wow...I feel as though we are kindred spirits as we share our Savior and our illness through writing. I love your book. You tell your story with such tansparency and an obvious love for God and others. God's word says that without love we are as sounding cymbals....no sounding cymbals her... view book

I wrote 439 days ago

Dear Janet and Helen, Excellent job! I think a life such as yours, Janet, needs to be shared and am happy that you made te decision to listen to your friends. The book is very well written; clean with nice, vivid descriptions. I am backing your book with pleasure. Best wishes and God bless you bo... view book

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