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I cut off my hair and now I look like a boy. I did the same thing when I was twelve: cut off my hair. I looked like a boy then, too. I know that with certainty because when school started in the fall, a girl in my history class who was blessed with round, budding curves on every appropriate part of her body (she was only twelve along with the rest of the girls in class, so I don't know how she acquired those curves) asked me on the second day of school if I were a boy or a girl. So there was the proof. I felt embarrassed; she looked embarrassed. She honestly couldn't tell which one I was-- boy or girl.

The hair-cutting and boy-girl ambiguity happened before I started plucking my eyebrows; I've been plucking my eyebrows since I was thirteen. Debbie J., a roly-poly girl (she grew rolier and polier through the years) who claimed to be a friend of mine, plucked her eyebrows and that induced me to do the same. She was one year younger than me and lived down the street in a white house on the corner. Although the thought of yanking the hairs out of my upper eyelids had never once occurred to me before, I instantly knew, upon laying eyes on Debbie's freshly plucked eyebrows, that it was absolutely imperative that I do the same to the mono-brow across my forehead.

The mono-brow, I believe, is the reason why I looked like a troll-baby when I was thr-- uh... three... Oh... perhaps I will tell more of that story another time. Troll-babies look horrible in photographs...

So, hopefully now, at my present age, after all these years of plucking my eyebrows (there have been quite a few years gone by) people will sort of know that, in spite having super-short hair, I'm actually a girl, and not a boy.

-Kate Elisabeth Whitley
-Huntsville, AL, USA

Afterthought: My posted photograph was taken before I cut off my hair. If you want to know if I am boy-looking or girl-looking, you will have to discover the places where I rendezvous in the evenings, and meet me there.

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ndayerr wrote 895 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile today....

ndayerr wrote 895 days ago


ndaye wrote 928 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Dwayne Kavanagh wrote 1069 days ago

Hello again, I hope you're getting everthing you wanted from the s....

Michael Jackson wrote 1143 days ago

Hi Thanks very much for reading "Silent Scream" and the edits which a....

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I wrote 1217 days ago

Does the title refer to "turning left at the crooked pine" as though embarking on a journey or being "abandoned at the crooked pine"? The word "left" is ambiguous in the title although it IS a pretty title. view book

I wrote 1217 days ago

Hi Susie, Thank you for clarifying. You have exceptional typing skills. Your solicitation appears exactly the same each time I encounter it. Sincerely, Kate view book

I wrote 1217 days ago

Hi Susie, Are you aware that you are sending a false statement each time you solicit an Authonomy member to rate and back your book? "None of this comment is copy/pasted & is written arduously from my heart, as I'm sure your book is, too. :)" The statement quoted above is in every solicitat... view book

I wrote 1218 days ago

Adorable. view book

I wrote 1226 days ago

Hi Susie, Have you read "The Color Purple"? I instantly thought of that book as I read the first few paragraphs of "He Loves Me". Your voice is unique and interesting. -Kate view book

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