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The Joys of Christmas

Gisela A. Riedel Nolte

The book, "The Joys of Christmas", is like a stocking, filled with gifts for the holidays! An easy read whenever we have a few minutes.

The book, "The Joys of Christmas", invites all of us, young and old and in between, who love this special festival, to take a second look at the meaning and the traditions that we hold so dear, probably since our childhood. We might be interested to learn what is fictional, what is true.

Each subject has been carefully researched to provide the optimum description of the meaning, the history and tradition, and it was written with much love and the confidence, that our faith would be strengthened and our hope renewed. And it does take both, faith and hope that this child, born some 2000 years ago, was and is the Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah, whom the Father entrusted to human care for our salvation.

This is the best message since the "Fall from Grace" in the Garden of Eden, that God has once again drawn us to Himself and restored our relationship. As there was great joy in heaven and this news was proclaimed to the simple shepherds by the angel at the nativity, we hear and celebrate these tidings anew every year. It is God's gift to us.


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