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I split my working life between being a microprocessor design engineer and a computer game programmer.
Recently I started an iPad app to help authors with notes time-lines and events, but got far too involved in writing a book to test the app with.

So I am now currently working on two books.

The lunar archaeologist (Fiction science fantasy)

It’s all Hubble’s fault (Science astrophysics)

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The Lunar Archaeologist

Carl N Graham

The shy Brigadier Watts faces TV cameras and exploding aliens when scientists uncover a city on the moon

We follow the experiences of Brigadier Watts, in a light-hearted science fiction romp, that takes several popular engineering and scientific topics to the edge of fantasy.

Our shy hero only ever wanted the quiet life, while playing with explosives and rocketry on his test range, but archaeologists keep spoiling his plans by digging up stuff for him to defuse. This time they have gone and found a city on the moon, making him the centre of press attention, as things turn nasty.


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I wrote 414 days ago

Nice idea, well implemented, but I would like it to follow the characters in the first 4 chapters a bit deeper before switching to the next. view book

I wrote 964 days ago

I am afraid I only gave this a quick scan for now, but it does look extremely interesting and well written. I have added it to my watch list to come back later. It gives an interesting view on life, death diseases, that my book is tackling from the Sci-fi nano tech side. view book

I wrote 1069 days ago

Thank you for you kind comments. Final proofreading got delayed by a research issue with the popular science content in chapter 11, that my require a rewrite of 2 chapters I do intend to go back read more of "The Words of Adriel" when I get a chance and have backed it. view book

I wrote 1070 days ago

I really started getting into your descriptions of his surroundings until a few inconsistencies popped up. Like he is getting skin stuck on a frozen ladder, then he takes gloves off. Maybe in the first chapter concentrate detail only on important plot related stuff only, so you can get the reader i... view book

I wrote 1071 days ago

I like the new cover, I have it on my book shelf, but still have 4 chapters to read, as soon as a get a few free seconds. Best random pitch that has popped up for me, deserves to be top of the charts. view book

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