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I love bonafide conversations.

Things I'm addicted to: the nomadic lifestyle, art, writing, love, coffee, upcycling, spreadsheets, unpredictability, hitchhikers, tattoos, pimp shoes, guyliner, mint anything

And, of course, Twitter @LucasMight

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Due to reasons, I removed my books. Maybe I'll post some fresh words soon. ;)

favourite books

Fav authors: M.T. Anderson, Madeleine l'Engle, Cormac McCarthy, Kady Cross, Clive Barker, Cassandra Clare, Ayn Rand, Erin Morgenstern, Mary Roach, Donna Cooner, Langston Hughes, Folks on the AWB Thread

Fav Music: Soul Coughing, Melanie Martinez, Wax Tailor, Jay Brannan, Steam Powered Giraffe, CocoRosie, The Dresden Dolls, Florence + the Machine, Jay Brannan, Mike Doughty, The Moldy Peaches, Supersystem, TV Girl, Vampire Weekend, Most electro-swing [Awesomeness you recommend]

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http://www.lucashargis.com     https://www.facebook.com/PhreakShowNovel

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tone099 wrote 142 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

EBUE wrote 307 days ago

hello my dear' my name is JULLIET EBUE ,i saw your profile....

Emily Rebecca wrote 407 days ago

Thank you for your support. :-) <3

leelah wrote 407 days ago

dear Lucas, thanks for the shelf-space! I read your pitch - and recog....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 463 days ago

John, You might want to click on www.scribd.com/dloganw whereby Davi....

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I wrote 816 days ago

I'm just beginning to get into the story. One thing that strikes me right away is the overuse of exclamation marks. The baby's whole experience is an "!", so none of these are needed. [I stopped counting at 125 occurences in the first chapter alone...] They actually jar me out of the narrative at ea... view book

I wrote 845 days ago

EXCERPT READ: Chapters 1, 2 & part of 3 PACING: Leisurely. Could use a little speed up to keep things clicking. Hopefully that happens soon? Chapter three perhaps? Definitely shouldn’t be slowed down any more. It’s about at the minimum speed required. VOICE: Clear throughout. Your authorial v... view book

I wrote 896 days ago

I read chapter 1. Phrases I loved: - “…as if naming the kill in advance.” - “Making his way through the mayhem like a phantom in a crowded cemetery…” - “…scattering odd shades of gray among the dust-covered ruins.” I instantly knew this was showing his color-blindness. Excellent way to present... view book

I wrote 900 days ago

Wow, Sam! Chapter 1: Great initial setup: a concrete setting, glimpses into the MC’s spunky nature, an early hook to want to discover what she is running/hiding from. The action and visuals of the chase scene in the forest are tight. Great page-turning hook at the end of the chapter. Chapter ... view book

I wrote 900 days ago

Overall impression: outstanding! The action sequence in the Prologue is believable and filled with the right amount of tension. Your writing is descriptive and you easily create the visuals to accompany the narrative. The characterization and rhythm are well-done! The characters seem full, three-dim... view book

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