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Here's what you need to know about me. I:

Am from Hilo, HI (a very small town), which means I'm Hawaiian before I'm American.

Have a degree in Linguistics, meaning I love learning languages.

Have been traveling pretty much constantly since last year, mostly throughout Asia.

Have lived in Paris and (this year) in China, off and on.

Will continue living in China until it grows boring. As yet, I love the people and they love me (or at least lots of them claim to).

Am practically and for all intents and purposes married to my life partner William and have been happily coupled for seven years.

All of the above unfailingly finds its way into my writing, which despite being busy with any and all of the above, I make time to do--well, I hope. :)

favourite books

"Memoirs of a Geisha," by Arthur Golden
Anything by Haruki Murakami
Anything by David Sedaris (except for maybe "Cabin Fever")
"Tokyo Fiancée," by Amélie Nothomb
"Silk," by Alessandro Baricco
"American Fuji," by Sara Backer
"A Wrinkle in Time" and "A Wind in the Door," by Madeleine Engle

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my books

Juneau's Line

Ryan K. Nolan

Juneau discovers ikebana flower-arranging--and her whole world changes. Luckily, she has all the time in the world to figure things out.

According to the Japanese art of flower arranging ikebana, the world and all of nature can be broken down into three elements: time, space, and mind. Juneau Sakamoto finds herself the unwitting possessor of the ability to bend--and even break--time when she takes up ikebana as a talisman against boredom and the stresses of college. She soon meets her half-sisters, Yuki and Claire, who have since come into their own powers: space- and mind-bending, respectively. The sisters set out for Kamakura, Japan, where Juneau meets her father for the first time. His sordid past has led to her morbid present--and the future doesn't look too bright either, if the trio can't nullify a beauty with all three of their powers combined. Fortunately, Juneau and her sisters have some otherworldly help in Juneau's Line, the first in the Master Arranger series.

Juneau's Line is complete. All 47 chapters are posted here on Authonomy.


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I wrote 1355 days ago

All right, the whole book is up for anyone who wants to see how it ends. view book

I wrote 1355 days ago

I apologize again for not commenting sooner. The truth is that I am very busy. I'll be traveling back to China in a week, have a full time job technical editing (which means that staring at a computer screen after working for eight hours is the last thing on my mind), and I am currently working on a... view book

I wrote 1366 days ago

WOW! To everyone who's commented, thank you very much. Juneau's Line is very much a labor of love, which is to say that I love flowers, language, most things Japanese, and above all writing! I am very, very new to Authonomy, so I don't even know how to back a book, but I'm encouraged that as many re... view book

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