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Yay, I did it! After two years, Porcupine Lost is finally complete...all 60,000 words of it. Let the editing begin...

To everyone whose kind words helped me realize that this was a project well worth finishing, thank you!

I will not be posting the whole manuscript online at this time, but I'd be more than happy to email the file to anyone who'd like to read it.

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Porcupine Lost

E. V. Walker

All was well in the Kingdom of Parasthesia until their sockey mascot, Prickles the Porcupine, was kidnapped.
Things aren't going quite so well now.

King Larry loves him his sockey games. And like any good Parasthesite, he also loves his country's sockey mascot, Prickles the Porcupine. So, when Prickles is kidnapped, he puts out the call for a hero to rescue the hapless rodent.

A hero arrives, in the person of Sir Heritiere, whose shiny armor and impeccable interview skills land him the job of rescuing Prickles from the evil Count Todaluser.

Our hero, accompanied by the noble but clumsy Guard Captain Charlie Schmidt and the disgusting but dependable Dullard the Dull, sets off on a journey filled with adventure and danger, through mystical lands filled with strange and magical creatures.

But hopefully, no skunks.



E.V. Walker

Being sixteen is hard. Being sixteen and unpopular is harder. Being sixteen and in control of your enemies' minds...well, that's awesome. Or so Sawyer thought.

Sawyer Blue had problems. Some were your typical sixteen-year-old problems: worrying about how she did on a test, wondering if a certain boy liked her, hoping no one noticed the gigantic zit in the middle of her nose.

Others weren't so typical, like the fact that she lost her parents when she was five, or that her constant worry was that her Gran was going senile, and if she did, what would happen to her.

One problem in particular was not typical at all: she had the ability to control people's minds. Worse, there were people in the world who would do anything to be able to harness her power.

And they knew where she lived.


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Chris Bostic wrote 12 days ago

Hi E.V., If I may be so bold as to make a request.... Now that Ga....

J.Adams wrote 17 days ago

Yes, the weather... I'm working in the D.C. area and it's actually be....

J.Adams wrote 17 days ago

THANK YOU!! I feel so encouraged to keep going with this! Will take....

Chris Bostic wrote 18 days ago

Hi E.V., I just wanted to say thank you for your support of Game C....

J.Adams wrote 20 days ago

Hi Ho! I'm nervously asking around for some help with my Existence re....

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I wrote 1 day ago

This is very funny. I like your names, your mischievous city, your many plays on words and the way you twist around common sayings. If I had anything to suggest, it would be to simplify your sentences a bit, as they can be a bit long and convoluted at times. Which is, of course, like telling you t... view book

I wrote 18 days ago

Okay, here goes--my two cents, though, as we know, two cents isn't worth much of anything these days :) I like your opening a lot better--it feels a lot more like a novel and less like a memoir. Though I did miss the part where she says she likes the name Alexis but it makes her feel like she's... view book

I wrote 26 days ago

I've read through the first two chapters, and I really enjoyed what I read. Your writing is lovely, and for the most part flows very well. I noticed no spelling or grammar issues. I thought you did a great job of showing a contented family and foreshadowing the tornado. That being said, I was br... view book

I wrote 32 days ago

I read through all your stories and found them to be very original and imaginative. I especially enjoyed 'Bless You' and 'Fluffed,' in fact, my son had a teacher much like Mrs. Brooks last year...she very obviously disliked him and picked on him whenever possible. How he--and, I must admit, I--woul... view book

I wrote 33 days ago

The strength of this is in the storytelling. I could go on about about missing commas, comma splicing or about the occasional awkwardly worded phrase, but that would totally be missing the point, which is that this is a very strong, emotive piece of writing. It takes a lot to entice me to read beyon... view book

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