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Tombstone Digs

CJ Lyons

"The most beautiful writing is found in death, so care must be taken for the one who under the tombstone digs."

Alex Silver was always alone. An artist, and general social recluse, he had never had any attachment to anyone else. That is, until the day of his death. The afterlife, Tombstone Digs, is the world in which souls are paired, coupled together to realise their purposes. For Alex, his partner is a beautiful, effervescent, blond, boy. Talvi is a mystery, one Alex finds himself irresistibly drawn to. In order to find the truth behind Talvi’s true identity, Alex must face danger unknown to this world. However, the longer he works to find out the mystery of Talvi, the more he realises his love for him. Even if their relationship could mean the destruction of them both.


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All good mysteries must contain the following to be successful: who, ....

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