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The Play

D J Weisbeck

Hiding in Berlin, three children try to escape the Gestapo by disguising their Jewish heritage.

When three Jewish children are abandoned by their families, they must find a way to survive on the streets of Berlin. Near starving, they befriend a young German girl who promises food in exchange for friendship.

This is an unpublished short story. I am working the outline for a full novel. Up here for feedback as I build out the novel outline. The entire story has been loaded in chapter one.


The Tooth Fairy's Beginner Gui....

D. J. Weisbeck

Ralph and Gerti Sunshine wanted a baby. Instead, they got a book on how to become a Tooth Fairy and sterilized wands from their doctor.

Ralph and Gerti Sunshine desperately want a child. Instead, their doctor gave them a book on how to become a Tooth Fairy and two pharmaceutical sealed wands. They've been recruited into a magical society called SoM and are given the opportunity to spend their days helping children around the world. But they quickly learn magic is hard. As they bumble through children's dreams trying to learn their new trade, they meet Jamie, a young orphaned girl who is plotting her escape from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Orphanage. Together, the unlikely new family unit unravel a plot to destroy SoM and must learn to trust each other to stop magic from falling into the wrong hands.

An adventure for 9-12 year-olds, and maybe a few adults.
A complete story at 30,000 words. Partially loaded as I continue to edit.


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I wrote 1389 days ago

Huge Thanks, JD. (And Cherry G) Great catch on chapter three. Actually, that is really the start of the book and then I have a transitional line to the Sunshines which is very similar to 'and meanwhile, somewhere nearby...' I have switched the chapters around for Authonomy readers on this websit... view book

I wrote 1399 days ago

A brilliant start. I hate Prologues but yours had me at go with that mad opening. view book

I wrote 1401 days ago

I think it was said below, nice character development. I get her right away. But the start seems a little dry, could use some umph for my taste, but I am not every reader :). Enjoyed the read. view book

I wrote 1405 days ago

Hard to critique as I don't read this style often, but the themes are universal and identifiable. Well done. backed. view book

I wrote 1406 days ago

This has great potential. I agree with one of the comments below, the title is not resonating with me. However, it's your book so stick with your vision. Good luck! view book

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