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Alice Haro is an experienced writer. As a professional journalist, copywriter and general word-smith, she likes to think that words bend to her will and dance on demand. But, of course they don’t; she quite often has to wrestle them into submission, as do most writers if they are honest.

Alice goes to great lengths to carefully research each book, so that you get a genuine and believable experience as a reader.

JUST SO YOU KNOW - I leave the books that I back on my shelf for at least a week, but often longer.

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Alice Haro

Being homeless is tough enough, but when someone wants you and your kind dead, it takes it to another level.

The unlucky victims that cross this killer’s path suffer a brutal and bloody death. The police can find no motive. But, feelings that have been abused by deception and greed dominate a twisted mind that burns with the need for revenge. But one life is not enough, they must all pay.

Some seek answers from beyond the grave with near fatal results; others turn a blind eye to what is staring them in the face. But, what everyone wants to know is will the law nail this dangerous killer before the life of another innocent victim is snuffed out?



Maddalena - Mussolini’s Daught....

Alice Haro

Maddalena, a loyal and enthusiastic young fascist in Mussolini’s Italy, but her world is about to be smashed and broken beyond all recognition by WW2.

Born into a loving family in northern Italy in 1925, Maddalena's life was happy and carefree. Her father was a successful cabinet maker and her mother a talented teacher. Like any child, Maddalena is neither interested nor aware of the political machinations of her country. All that matters to her are her family and friends, and everything in that world looks perfect.

This is a true account of a teenager who lived in Italy during World War Two. It shows the reader, through the eyes of Maddalena, the struggle of ordinary Italians under the oppressive rule of Mussolini’s Fascist State; how he led them all into the chaos and destruction of war to feed his own megalomania, and to achieve his ambition of becoming a great and revered leader of a new Roman Empire.

I enjoyed my time with Maddalena. She is is still an amazing person at 89 years of age.

My book is complete @ 20k words


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tone099 wrote 45 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Tahlia Monroe wrote 64 days ago

Thank you for the backing. It's very nice of you. :)

Margaret Holly wrote 78 days ago

Many thanks for your comments and backing, Alice. I hope you continu....

Steve Hawgood wrote 86 days ago

Alice - many thanks. I know the Trilogy certainly isnt ready. What I ....

Steve Hawgood wrote 87 days ago

Alice - still not received the review - the last date I was given was....

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I wrote 595 days ago

In answer to your Comment on my book. It was a joint effort, but the words are Maddalena's. I tried changing quite a bit, but she was determined that it was written as it is. It is her story told her way with as much or as little detail as she was prepared to give. So your suggestions about 'maki... view book

I wrote 605 days ago

I am known, and I am determined to continue, to give honest reviews, so your book is no different. The problem is I am struggling to give anything but praise. This is a well-paced, intricately woven story with depth and intrigue. The details and the character-build cannot be faulted. It is rare for ... view book

I wrote 614 days ago

This is an intriguing premise and an exciting tale. Kabe very quickly becomes a real and likeable little boy with very real challenges. The relationships are believable, especially his grandfather who fills a very important emotional gap in his life. Then the threat of that important crutch being wi... view book

I wrote 629 days ago

Club Agatha Review Nice pace, intrigue from the get-go, believable characters (well, Malcolm at this stage) and a plot that makes you want to know what happens next. Your descriptions are vivid, cleverly constructed and the tension of Malcolm's run, and then escape, is excellent. I shared Malcolm's... view book

I wrote 632 days ago

Agatha Review I am on here in the hope I get honest feedback. Because I value this, I give my reviews in the same way. I hope you can appreciate that and view the following as such. Overall I felt the gloom and threat and the atmosphere building nicely. Your style reminds me of Agatha Christie's P... view book

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