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I'm being published by HarperTeen. The Carrier of the Mark will be available this fall (2011).

I have a Blog that I'm posting in every day. I'll be blogging on my writing and navigating the publishing world and all the highs and lows that go with it. To keep you smiling in between posts, I'm chronicling my US experiences - good, bad or downright strange. So please join me at:
Please check it out and post comments on the blog. I love hearing from you guys.

I'm South African born Irish. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland. I've lived in West Cork, Ireland for the past twelve years and more recently I'm found lurking near Boston in the US.

Have yourself a good one.


favourite books

My favourites.... where do I start.
As a kid I absolutely adored Roald Dahl's books the best being The Twits.
Then there was Judy Blume, who could forget the scandalous Forever. Her best one in my opinion was Blubber.
I had a Virgina Andrews stint but only her early stuff.
Jilly Cooper is one of my all time favourites, Riders, Rivals and Polo were her best. Her writing is sexy and funny.
The Twilight Saga made me weak at the knees. I loved them all.
I wish I had some highbrow impressive books to put up here, but unfortunately I'm a sucker for instant gratification.

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http://ow.ly/3MDFk     http://leighfallon.com/

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I wrote 1212 days ago

A very interesting and informative chapter 27. Thanks for the heads up. view book

I wrote 1518 days ago

I'm three chapters in and just think this is fantastic. Your opening chapter was so attention grabbing, all the sensations and emotions, then the quake and the mad happenings to his body. I can honestly say if I were browsing, I'd have bought this. You have developed characters here that are very ... view book

I wrote 1529 days ago

Read and picked this over on Inkpop, welcome to Authonomy. I'm happy to back this here too. Good luck. Leigh Fallon The Carrier of the Mark view book

I wrote 1558 days ago

This book is so up my street. I absolutely love it. I love the cover the pitch and the style. I'd love to have read alot more, it was my plan for tonight but the blasted system won't let me. So incase I forget I'm posting my comment now. Backed. Leigh Fallon The Carrier of the Mark view book

I wrote 1558 days ago

Great cover, great pitch and a damn fine read. Backed. Leigh view book

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