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There is no greater gift than to pursue your passion! In my case, I have TWO passions! I have always been an avid writer. I have also been fortunate to have grown up riding and showing horses. Then to actually make a living for several decades; training, showing, breeding and raising horses. I have especially enjoyed training horses for children to ride and show; and coaching youth to ride them successfully! "Shell's Journey" is the culmination of all I do! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

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BeeJoy wrote 366 days ago

Hello. I do not know why I cannot for the life of me understand Carol....

carol jefferies wrote 366 days ago

Hi, I hope you don’t mind me sending this to you. I feel that there ....

BeeJoy wrote 370 days ago

I wanted to thank you for your support. I am excited to see it in top....

Trularin wrote 372 days ago

Sorry I was not able to get all the way through. But thanks for the n....

Kestrelraptorial wrote 372 days ago

I think you might really like "Gypsy of Vilda" http://authonomy.com....

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I wrote 392 days ago

Chris, I read two chapters with ease. It's a realistic adventure that draws the reader along with the kids in their predicament. I absolutely LOVE it that you write with detail and accuracy about landscape which you obviously know first hand. I did catch myself at the very beginning wanting to co... view book

I wrote 393 days ago

Jay, I like the colorful description at the beginning. It definitely leads the reader down a winding trail into an entirely unique setting, .. view book

I wrote 393 days ago

Brutal Honesty... You are a courageous writer. Thank you for sharing your story. May your written work bless your life as much as it will undoubtedly bless those who read it! I look forward to the completed version. view book

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