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I sent my first novel off to be published at the tender age of 11. Needless to say, they didn't take me on! Still, I haven't given up and have been reading and writing constantly ever since.

I experiment with many different genres, but my preferred target audience is Young Adult. I have recently posted my novel 'This Salted Earth', but am also working on a Soviet-themed revolution novel, a fantasy trilogy and a children's book. There are other works in pre-production for an older audience.

When I'm not furiously scribbling on scraps of paper, I'm involved in local theatre groups and love acting/singing/directing as part of a dramatic production. I'm a Teaching Assistant who has just got a place at Uni to become a teacher.

That's pretty much me. I hope you take the time to read 'This Salted Earth' and enjoy it!

A note on read swaps - I always critique the books I read and aim to leave honest but helpful feedback. Incidentally, I will not shelve a book as a favour, only if I really like it or believe it offers great potential.

Agencies can contact me on fesladen59@hotmail.com

favourite books

I'm early twenties now, but I still tend to read a lot of teenage fiction and fantasy, mostly because they shamelessly take you off to another world. Some of the staples on my bookshelf at home are:

William Nicholson - The Wind on Fire Trilogy
Marianne Curley - The Guardians of Time Trilogy
J.R.R Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings
Cornelia Funke - Inkheart
Kenneth Oppel - Airborn

Some of my other favourites are:

Love Takes You Home - Julie Capaldo
Most of the Joanne Harris novels, especially Blackberry Wine and Five Quarters of the Orange
Troy - Adele Geras
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
The Wheel of Time series - Robert Jordan

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my books

This Salted Earth

Frances Sladen

The Trojan War. Resurrected.

The Iliad.

Retold in the modern city, 'This Salted Earth' inflames the timeless passions of love and anger, dragging the tragedy from its mythological origins into contemporary conflict.

It is a love story tainted by revenge and envy, which follows Zac Taylor in his battle to protect his family against the power-hungry youths Ben and Johnny Grey. Caught in the middle of the dispute is Zac’s brother Alec, who falls for the beautiful Helen, Johnny’s girlfriend.

Under the pressure of their secret affair, the fragile truce between sides begins to buckle and it is not long until the fighting erupts once more. As each side struggles for survival, the legend unfolds through the voices of twelve teenagers caught in the heart of the conflict.



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I wrote 840 days ago

Hi, you asked me to take a look at your book about 90 days ago and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get round to it! Dialogue and description are woven seamlessly together and the prose flows along without any imbalance. That's all a very fancy way of saying that you're a very skilled writer w... view book

I wrote 841 days ago

Hi, I've just read the first chapter but am interested to read more. I think you've set up the drama of the story really well in this opening and I particularly like the mother's desperate search for her son at the start: scenes like that instantly draw the reader in because they are personal and r... view book

I wrote 1029 days ago

Lauren Captivating. Random tidbits of a thoughtful life sewn together to make a story that heavily invokes every one of the five senses. Your descriptions are almost seamless and each little story comes with a touch of human innocence. We are right inside your head and it's a fascinating, playfu... view book

I wrote 1053 days ago

Hi Carolyn I really like the use of 'Mother' and 'Father'. These impersonal terms say so much about the formality and distance in Lane's relationship with her parents. It's especially impersonal when compared to the more relaxed 'Gamma' and 'Pop-Pop'. The word 'bogus' stood out for me. I don'... view book

I wrote 1057 days ago

Hi Anetka Have read the first couple of chapters now, so here are my thoughts: You manage to say so much about a character in so few words and this gives your story a real firmness in pace, letting the reader relax instantly into your easy and yet intriguing style. That style itself is a mast... view book

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