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I'm a 18 year-old author, dreamer, and hoper. I ask that you are honest about my books. If you think of an improvement, see an error, or something else just let me know. Thanks.

Before you ask me to read a book let me say that I like to read Action, Adventure, and most things that involve the supernatural and paranormal.

Contact me at VapireBoy@Yahoo.com.

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Not enough room for them all. XD

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Jaclyn Aurore wrote 485 days ago

Happy Holidays to all my friends :) Jaclyn x It Never Happened - ....

Software wrote 505 days ago

Hello Danile, Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out ....

Justis Call wrote 533 days ago

Thank you, thank you for backing Snow Bound! I have been traveling a....

Jaclyn Aurore wrote 535 days ago

:) i like action and paranormal stuff too... i just have difficulty w....

Jaclyn Aurore wrote 535 days ago

nope... it's not Twilight crap. I love Twilight, and I do hope that I....

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I wrote 883 days ago

I like the way the story runs. The way it jumps from person to person is both a nice change of pace, creative, and unique. This is something that is going to make it to the top just like "I've Been Deader" did. view book

I wrote 906 days ago

WOW!!! I love the way you mixed myth and history into something most anyone can enjoy. It was addicting and i red until i realized it was almost 1 in the morning! Good Story, Good People, and good EVERY thing. can't wait to see this make it to the top, because that where its heading. view book

I wrote 911 days ago

Definitively something new and good. It adds humor to the end. I like. view book

I wrote 933 days ago

Very creative, enticing, original, and addicting. Once I got started on the story i had to keep reading. This is something that is going to go far. view book

I wrote 1133 days ago

WOW!!!!! I am proud to say that this is on my shelf. Not only did it keep me intrested, it also is....AMAZING!!!!!! You have to put the rest on here! When (and i say when) you get this published you have to let me know so I can go and buy it! Thank you for writeing this. -Danile Night- view book

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