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Hi I'm Aidan Hale and I write Horror, I have been writing Horror and Dark Fantasy since I was at school. I had an accident aged 7 and flat lined on arrivel at Coventry & Warwickshire Accident and Emergency hospital. How I survived is down to the medical staff... I owe them my life...
It was thought at the time I would not recover and would remain paralysed confined to a wheel chair for the rest of my life. Never one to give into fate I proved them all wrong.

I wrote my first complete manuscript in 1987.


favourite books

The Fog, The Lair, Magic Cottage, The Stand, Salems Lot, It, The Damnation Game, Lightning, Dark Rivers of the Heart, Tick Tock, Lightning, Midnight, Necroscope series, The House That Jack Built, Nemisis. Victims... The list goes on.

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my books

Dead Ops

Aidan M D Hale

John Holt is dead! He just doesn’t know it. The African Witchdoctor that saved him is manipulating events to one end. Unleashing a relentless evil...

Ex-SAS Sergeant John Holt shouldn’t be alive; all the medical evidence confirms it. So when he wakes up after thirty-six hours in the morgue, why would the Doctors spoil his day by telling him he’s dead? The man has enough to deal with; the death of his men; his failure to save a young African boy who died in his arms; his discharge from the army, a broken man.

But then a situation arises that requires John’s particular skills and he is called back into service to become Jonathon Portello, traitor, in an effort to infiltrate a shadowy terrorist group with the capability of unleashing a nuclear nightmare.
To complete his mission, John must be at the top of his game, but he is haunted by the eerie spectre of the African boy and strange nightmares begin to creep into his waking reality.

As John goes deeper undercover, a dark power begins to weave its way into the mission. Can the mission be completed, or will the African boy’s warnings of an ancient evil be fulfilled?


Heart of Shadows

Aidan M D Hale

The weapon Kokora Kumori scintillates with the power of the darkness it once defeated. Now it must again rise confronting a malevolence long forgotten.

The Kiritsu Kumori – Order of Shadows has protected the mystical sword Kokora Kumori – Heart of Shadows for eons. A weapon legend tells was created in shadow by Gods and Dragons. However the Order has been infiltrated by Shikan, Agent of Death placing the Kiritsu’s honour in question.

Kiso Sanada must defend this honour by protecting both the sword and a boy orphaned at the Kiritsu’s hands. For the boy is the last descendant of Nin Po the founder of the way of the Ninja warrior and a legend is soon to be reborn!

Captain David Reece formerly of the Royal Marine Special Boat Squadron is sought to aid in the disappearance of a prominent member of NATO, Second Officer Leila Whalberg, but a web of deception and deceit has been spun and dark forces unleashed. Can David save Leila, once his lover from the agent of death?

David is the only person with the ability to do this and must combine his military training along with his skills as a shadow warrior to embrace his destiny and face an evil thought long dead.


Spawn Of Lilith

Aidan M D Hale

When evil awakens, the first serpent of sin calls forth its spawn and darkness is unleashed.

George Brown has retrograde amnesia; he knows nothing of his past or true identity, even his name is given to him by a kind old woman. This void in his memory is invaded by portents of a remote past; of a lady of the water and a serpent of myth and legend. Seeking answers, these nightmares lead him to Coventry and Ash House.

Ash House stands at the summit of a hill known as Devil’s Tump, a place synonymous with death and debauchery. It has been a blight upon the village of Hill Top for over three hundred years.

Inspector Roland Price, retired is coaxed back into action to aid in the location and recapture of the woman he placed behind bars for the Ash House murders 12 years ago.

The Reverend Michaels is studying the legend of Saint George and makes a startling discovery connecting the patron Saint of England and the Tump that stands in his own modest parish.

Together they are forced to face the first serpent of sin and George Brown is compelled to act as his ancestor had once done a thousand years previous and face the fearsome dragon of legend.


Grey Angel

Aidan M D Hale

If your whole life was a disaster and you were given a chance to change the past... What would you do?

Death has been Mark Black’s companion for as long as he can remember. The people closest to him ripped away at a moment’s notice.

Forced to move in with his odd Grandfather Sabian Black after a runaway truck took the lives of his Father and brother. Both Mark and his mother find themselves trapped in the Church of Mary Lucifer, a cult masquerading as a church of new scientology. Its members obsessed with dream travelling and the astral plane.

Mark is left alone after his mother escapes the nefarious clutches of Sabian Black before the cult members commit mass suicide at his Grandfather’s command. Was it suicide or was it murder?

Unable to locate his mother Mark finds himself in a children’s home, but death hasn’t finished with him yet and a series of fatalities stalk his existence causing him to withdraw into himself and shun society.

Stalked by death the curse attempts to conclude its hunt when Mark is involved in a train crash that leaves him at deaths door.


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