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My book Past Continuous,
was on this site from July- December 2009 and reached The Desk at the end of that time. I was offered a publishing contract by Sparkling Books, and it came out in October 2010. I've now launched all my books, including my latest novel 'Future Perfect', on Amazon Kindle. Please visit www.tonybaylissbooks.com for full details. If anyone feels like writing a review of one of my books for Amazon Kindle, just contact me via my website, and I'll send you a PDF of the book free of charge. Many thanks. Tony.

favourite books

The Time Traveler's wife
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Crime and Punishment
Little Dorrit
The Diary of a Farmer's Wife, 1796-1797

and a thousand others which make me think and cry in equal measure.

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I wrote 1575 days ago

This is a mind-boggling view of the future, in which you have skilfully thought out all the social, political and financial implications of the new world order, all the way down to its effect on ordinary people. It's highly imginative, beautifully written and a compelling read. The dialogue sections... view book

I wrote 1577 days ago

This most excellent book operates on two levels: as a most entertaining and compelling story, and also as a source of information about bi-polarism. So it will have wide appeal, particularly to those touched by mental illness. Some of the descriptive passages are quite sublime - beautiful, poetic r... view book

I wrote 1578 days ago

This beats the washing machine instruction manual, which was sent recently to a US vanity publisher, and received the reply: 'We think your work is highly publishable.' Backed. Back mine please! view book

I wrote 1582 days ago

Sailing knots, this definitely isn't! This is quite simply a brilliant expositon of the crumbling of a huge ego, and the fall-out that produces. Gerard is certainly a fascinating mess of a character, but haven't we all met an anti-hero like Gerard at some stage, so don't we all delight at the chance... view book

I wrote 1582 days ago

Coming to writing from another profession, as you do, results in books which have so much more credibility than those which are based purely on imagination, and it is clear that you have a head-start on all the young writers here. You write with confidence and authority, and your characaters and sit... view book

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