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Aslam Rahaman is a young financial professional based in New Delhi where he lives with his wife and a son. He has worked with various Indian and multinational banks across locations like New Delhi and Kolkata. Writing has been his hobby that he nurtured during his schooldays in the form of plays, poems and short stories. As he grew up the hobby continued in the form of letters and emails. His friends were aware of his skills and creativity and encouraged him to transform his ideas, skills and thoughts into a book.

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The Fortune Hunters

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The Fortune Hunters...a journe....

Aslam Rahaman

This is a love story that breaks all religious barriers.

This is a love story that breaks all religious barriers. Amir, a young Muslim once addicted to overnight romances is transformed into a staunch believer in the power of everlasting love, thanks to Ragini, a simple and cultured Hindu girl. Both belong to conservative families. Is their love strong enough to withstand the strong opposing currents that threaten to tear Amir and Ragini apart? 'The Fortune Hunters' is a touching saga about the quest for true love that has been corrupted by the cynicism of modern living. Amir, an MBA, finds that his life is empty in the midst of the alluring but elusive Sofi. He discovers that simplicity and sincerity is far more fulfilling that empty glamour when Ragini enters his life. But will the two families validate Amir's discovery of true love?


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iandsmith wrote 808 days ago

Hi, Mohammad, It’s like nothing you’ve read before. Just a gentle plu....

love4044 wrote 817 days ago

Hi, I am Vera! please how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect ....

j.l. wood-miller wrote 979 days ago

Hello Mr. Aslam, Literary fiction pushed to its limits in a strang....

Jack Cerro wrote 997 days ago

Hi This is an invitation for you to post a least one paragraph of....

Dwayne Kavanagh wrote 1007 days ago

Hi Mohammad, Help ‘A Killer’s Kind’ stay on the desk.... In Grants....

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I wrote 1063 days ago

Its' worth reading. Great thriller. view book

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