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East London born, happily married, a West Ham United fan, lover of Sherlock Holmes and all things Watson.

14/03/2014: Have part uploaded the first draft of a complete rewrite, of an unfinished novel, I started back in 2010. Same story idea and characters but a different plot line - I hope it works. Looking for feedback on characterisation and plot. Grammar etc I can fix later - just call me The Comma King, everyone else does!

I return all reads (but if you don't leave a comment or message me, how do I know you've read my book?) I'm here more for the feedback, but a shelving always makes me jump up and down on the spot for a few seconds, especially when accompanied with feedback. Did I say I can be very immature?

Ta very much.

NOTE: This is a work in progress, updates will be ongoing.

favourite books

Authors I admire include:

Arthur Conan Doyle
Henning Mankell
Elmore Leonard (RIP)
Stephen Lawhead
Bernard Cornwell
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Stephen Fry
Nick Hornby

My favourite reads are: thrillers/crime/mystery but I'm partial to a bit of Historical Fiction and Comedy.

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Michael Jones

One event can change your life. If not your life, certainly your perspective.

When Benjamin Graves is convicted of her father’s murder, Detective Constable Rosie Macintyre should have been relieved. Instead, she finds herself alone in disbelieving the crime lord’s confessions of guilt and convinced that the shooting of her father is linked to the unsolved murder of her mother, twelve years previously.

Her quest to find the truth is further hindered by her enigmatic ex-shrink being back in her life.

Meanwhile, the squad’s long-serving DS is replaced by a man who is not what he appears to be.

NOTE: This is a work in progress, updates will be ongoing. Ta for stopping by.


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Cameron Sinclair wrote 4 hours ago

Hey guy, Just looking for some feedback on something I’ve been workin....

Andreea Daia wrote 6 hours ago

Happy Easter, to you too! :)

Andreea Daia wrote 23 hours ago

Oh, Mick, this is VERY good (sorry it took me so long--remind me neve....

LizX wrote 2 days ago

like the new chapter two - it'll give the book more depth if you carr....

Eliza Moon wrote 2 days ago

Well, don't go getting too serious, it depresses me. Look forward ....

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I wrote 6 hours ago

Dark Legacy – M A Anderson Read all your upload. A nicely polished MS. I tried something like this myself, but aimed at the adult market – a half-human, half-vampire forensics pathologist. You can imagine the reception. I enjoyed playing around with the two genres, but never finished it – that’s ... view book

I wrote 2 days ago

This is a good lesson on how to write a thriller. I'm away to buy this to read at my leisure. That's it. view book

I wrote 2 days ago

Hi, Sheena. Enjoyed what I read. A nicely polished first five chapters that take us into the story of Charles II. I liked the descriptive narrative in the bedchamber and felt the desperation of Charles and his inward plea for them to stop and 'leave him be'. What physicians did in those days is ... view book

I wrote 3 days ago

Just finished. Boy ... what to say? You create such vivid imagery with your words it's impossible not to be moved by them. There is so much to like, so much to relate to ... a sense of understanding, of knowing but not knowing, if you get my meaning. The ending brought a lump to my throat (don't tel... view book

I wrote 5 days ago

I’m back… Chapters 10 – 13 Chapter 10: And here we meet the Keeper. A dark, sinister figure. Made me wonder how he came to be and why? Something we’ll find out as the story moves forward, no doubt. The fact he fled from the sound of the Oracle’s voice was pretty intriguing. It seems I’m the... view book

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