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I''m an assisstant historical researcher who lives with their Mum.

I'm a bit weird and quirky, kind of a loner, and I love most mediums of fiction--books, TV, films, comics and Anime, and particularly those in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, and also murder-mysteries and a lot of period fiction. I enjoy the macabre and the surreal, and I love dark comedy too.

Dolorelamia is... a quirky book, with a very morally dark protagonist, and I don't think it will be everyone's cup of tea. It's also very long, and it takes a while to get into the action, but I feel the initial set-up is important for establishing characters and plot points that will come into play later.

Rooks of the Knot is being prepared for agents, and as such has been removed from Authonomy; but I have other gems in the works that may take its place!

If you have any questions or criticisms about the book or want to ask anything at all, feel free to message me, but if you'd like me to read your book, know that I can sometimes find it hard to get into books that are not of the genres I mention I like above. Even in the genres I do like, I tend to lose interest if the focus of the story is on romance, unless it's a really unusual romance ;) This said, I will do return reads :).

I hope everyone enjoys my books!

favourite books

Good Omens
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Sandman
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Anything P.G. Wodehouse
The Romance of Silence
The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Princess Bride

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my books


Rachel Iliffe

A steampunk adventure set in another universe, wherein an assassin must ally with someone who hates him in order to rescue their loved ones.

Centuries ago, the technologically advanced clone race—the Sociotopians—made contact with the pre-industrial nations of the southern continent. Relations alternate, and the now industrialised continentals distrust the arrogant Sociotopians for the most part, although some of the clones have decided to exile themselves and have intermixed with the continentals.

Elliet Regan is the result of one such union. A palaeontologist, a cross-dresser, and an assassin working for his family’s organisation, he has more to worry about than the relations between his home and his father's people. Benevolent mercenary, Jared Simnel, seeks constantly to destroy him, while the jaded inspector Iobel Vindemar never stops looking for a way to make Elliet pay for his crimes.

But their grudges are put on hold when agents of unknown origin abduct every single Sociotopian and Sociotopian descended person in the mid-western part of the continent, Elliet’s siblings and two of Jared’s friends included. Elliet alone escapes, and with his friend Lizelba must ally with Jared and Vindemar to confront this mysterious threat and rescue their loved ones.

If Jared will let Elliet get that far, that is...


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I wrote 576 days ago

Wow, this is so good I read all five chapters and had to back it right away! No stylistic complaints--I'm not the world's biggest fan of present tense, and the mood is just a little depressing for my tastes, but that's just a me thing and your writing is absolutely brilliant--Merit, Rev, Bree, Dalia... view book

I wrote 663 days ago

Club Grimoire Alternate Critique, Hey there! As I read your first chapter for the original club Grimoire, and my two small points of criticism (i.e., the journal being a confusing framing device and the foreshadowing around the necklace being a bit inelegant) still stand, so I've moved onto your ... view book

I wrote 670 days ago

Hi there, here to return the favour for the comment you gave my book a few days ago! This is a great story with really imaginitive characters, I really get the feeling of a classical fairy-tale when reading about Roscoe, and Lord Nasturtium is emminently entertaining, I feel I could read an entir... view book

I wrote 670 days ago

Club Grimoire Alternate Critique Hello! I was very pleased to read your prologue, it's the kind of prologue I like, more of a setting the scene/mood of the work to follow (plus a bit of meta, which I've always liked) than the whole 'tale of opening kill-guy' I see so often in fantasy, which alway... view book

I wrote 674 days ago

Club Grimoire Alternate Critique. A-harr, I'm getting started early. Congratulations! First of my new critiques, and I was so hooked I went on to read a little of chapter two, just to see what would happen. I was captivated by Malachi in the prologue, and although I felt the proceeding relationsh... view book

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