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I am mother of two and grandmother to three. My book has been a plan for years. I understand it is not for everyone.The prologue is simply a child's memories. I am honest and have integrity. I have no respect for gamers and will not react to spam. I will exchange reads and give an honest comment. I don't like "cliques" and I will not stab you in the back.

The cover was designed by my grandson.

favourite books

Anything by Jane Austen or Ernest Hemingway.
The "Love Comes Softly" series. Janette Oke
Anything from the "turn-of-the-century" period or of the "pioneer" genre. I enjoy historical fiction

my websites

http://shirleygracekelly.snappages.com/     http://www.amazon.com/Devils-Stepchild-Shirley-Gra

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my books

The Devil's Stepchild

Shirley Grace Kelly

This one's for real. Thompsie retreats to a hermit-like existence and finds the pathway to true peace within herself and the world. She is enriched.

Thompsie, once a socialite is now a recluse. Too many men, too much booze and a life she wants to put behind her, she chooses to take another identity and forget her past, yet it comes back to haunt . She has dealt with poverty, loss, disappointment and betrayal. Running from pain,and finding her past will follow her as will the people she has loved, she discovers a special "power" which pulls her back into society.Only time will tell if it is a blessing or a curse. She learns that one cannot escape certain emotions when she comes to the rescue of a child who has faced horrors worse than hers. Can she help the child live a normal life and again give of herself to help others? Does she dare love once more??

"Those who havent read on have missed something very special...and - yes - maxi-stars."
-Jane (Breath of Africa).

*There is so much below the surface, you will not 'get it' unless you read on. It took years to write. This book will bring you peace.



Shirley Grace Kelly

An amazing mountain girl of Indian heritage keeps memories alive and heals others with natural medicines despite conflict with a young, traditional doctor. Refreshing read.

Sinja is a young girl left alone after the death of her grandfather. Very proud of her heritage, she is determined to make her way on her own. Little more than a child herself, she takes in five orphans to raise. This and her will to practice herbal medicines and cures is tested when a traditional medical practitioner moves into the area. He is determined that she will fall in love with him. Will she?He will accept nothing less. Is this a man she can spend her life with? Can they work out their differences? Will they join forces for a common goal? Only time will tell.

Cover design by David E White, my grandson.


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Painted Pony wrote 8 hours ago

I'm so sorry, Shirley. I figured that is where you were coming from, ....

Painted Pony wrote 9 hours ago

Hi friend ... I hope I am not being too personal, but did you lose a ....

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Hi, I moved Dan's work off my shelf. Put your back up. Tru

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No worries, I enjoyed that, and its always good to take a look outsid....

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I wrote 2 days ago

Okay now First of all I love the pitch. You mention quite casually a failed romance with his brother's fiancee and the fact that he bounces from battlefield to bedroom. Hmmmm, this guy is something! This family is somewhat dysfunctional. Ha! Now we have an old man talking about his life in the pre... view book

I wrote 2 days ago

Izabelle: Just read what you have uploaded. For some reason I could only pull up one chapter. Your father must be an exception to the rule because every hoarder I have heard of, seen, or read about had a yard like the city dump. My mother was raised during the depression and she was a hoarder but n... view book

I wrote 33 days ago

Andy: I just finished reading all you have uploaded on the site. I don't understand why this book has not made it to the desk and more. I see you have not been that active on the site. It is an amazing book and very well written. I have slowed down somewhat with my reading as it seems most of th... view book

I wrote 54 days ago

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. What does this mean??? view book

I wrote 57 days ago

Jed: This is hilarious! I can see this as a play and I enjoyed reading it. I can just see the mother-in-law from hell slapping him up side the head with her handbag. I love the descriptions of your characters and that peanut butter sandwich that refuses to die. Poor Ben. I am so glad he is an esca... view book

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