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Author of The Temptation of Mrs. Emily Templeton, Whither Thou Goest and Second Friday Jess. And Love's Design. But that was the first one, and I don't like to talk about it.

April 2011: Second Friday Jess is now under contract to Wild Child Publishing.

June 2011: Whither Thou Goest is now under contract to Kirkdale Press.

August 2011: The Temptation of Mrs. Emily Templeton is now under contract to The Wild Rose Press.

For the record, the acquisitions editor for Kirkdale contacted me after finding the book here. So . . . yep. They're looking. My advice: Don't push your book up in the rankings until it's done and polished, and be professional on your page, in your comments and in the forum.

You may contact me at naomidathan@gmail.com

favourite books

Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go was released by Kirkdale Press (a division of Logos Bible Software) on 11/30/11.

You may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google books or Vyrso.

Vyrso has the lowest price: http://vyrso.com/products/search?q=whither+thou+goest+I+will+go

If you read Whither and give it an *honest* review on Amazon and Good Reads, I'll return the read here, and I give in-depth feedback -- you can see if you look at my other comments. Just email me at naomidathan@gmail.com with the link to your review.

If you don't read and review Whither, I'll still read you if I can -- totally swamped right now with Whither's launch and another book on its heels.

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http://www.facebook.com/naomi.dathan?ref=profile#!     http://www.naomidathan.com

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my books

The Temptation of Mrs. Emily T....

Naomi Dathan

Emily Wilder Needs a Miracle.

Emily Wilder needs a miracle. Her abusive brother, taking his religious fundamentalism to an extreme, dictates each moment of her day. Horrified to learn he has selected a husband for her, she flees with a stranger who steps in between her and her brother’s rage. To win custody of his three young sons, Luke Templeton needs a wife. On impulse, he proposes a marriage of convenience—to him. Their steamy wedding night takes them both by surprise. Shaken, Luke vows to return to their business arrangement, but in Team Templeton, Emily sees a chance for the home and family she’s always dreamed of. Determined to be Luke’s wife in all ways, she sets out to seduce her new husband into making their marriage vows permanent. But leaving a controlling zealot isn’t simple. Can Emily’s love for Luke and her new family protect them, or will vengeance kill them all?


Whither Thou Goest

Naomi Dathan

Jem confronts the hardship of life on the frontier, and meets God in the process. Will her new faith survive tragedy?

71,000 words, CBA guidelines

Spoiled society girl Jem has it all – money, a fine house, a handsome husband she worships, and a sweet baby boy. But when her family fortunes turn, Jem’s husband, Seth, leads her to a new home – a sod house on a Nebraska homestead. Jem faces a servantless existence for the first time. Only Seth’s threat to send her home -- without their infant son -- finally convinces her to perform the work “of a domestic.” Side-by-side with Seth, she reluctantly confronts mud, livestock, prairie fires, dangerous illnesses, and isolation. Her faith grows from a shallow weekly ritual to a deepening awareness of God’s hand in her life. She ultimately begins to savor her new identity as a capable woman and partner in her marriage. But when the history-making Children’s Blizzard sweeps across the land, Jem’s confidence, her marriage, and her new-found faith in God are put to the ultimate test. COMPLETED.


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I wrote 864 days ago

Love the humor, love the style, but I think some of the humor is absorbed into complex sentences with dangling modifiers and long paragraphs. I think if you tighten a little, you could put your high heels back in the closet and take a night off. :-) view book

I wrote 865 days ago
I wrote 865 days ago

Hi Claire -- you've got the makings of a good romance here. I think you're a little heavy on explaining the character's feelings, at least in the opening couple of scenes. I think if you give the reader the moment -- the setting, the props, just a bit of internal dialogue to hint at her inner turm... view book

I wrote 865 days ago
I wrote 865 days ago

I think I've backed you previously -- happy to do it again. :-) view book

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