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Jay Squires is hunkered down in his swivel chair at his insurance office. Late afternoon of a scorcher of a day, it is winding down to the 5 O'clock hour.

He would like to put insurance behind him and live solely off his writing. Fact is, if he had intended to feed himself, his patient and loving wife and his three dogs on the proceeds from his writing, food would not have passed through his lips since a year ago last November. That was when he had a short story accepted by a literary magazine. And it was for a paltry fifteen dollars. It would have just about paid for a celebratory dinner at the Golden Arches: a Big Mac dinner apiece, supersized, followed by a round of sundaes and those little sleeved hot apple tarts. With the check from that magazine's editor came a personalized note apologizing for not being able to afford paying more. So, he imagines some magazine editors sell real estate during the week to support their magazine habit in the evenings and on weekends.

It is a wonderful life after all!

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Short stories of Kurt Vonnegut

Dylan Thomas

Plotted Poems of Robert Frost

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I wrote 1316 days ago

Whoa! Whoa! This is some heavy stuff, girl! Your narrative voice is strong, colloquial, loose. You carry the reader along with your tempo. Eyes the green gray color of the inside of an avocado!!! Indeed... No stilted phraseology here. Your characters could be dragged screaming out of pulp fic... view book

I wrote 1316 days ago

I'm backing this enthusiastically. Gritty, well-written, colloquial, fully deserving. The only small point I'd make is to remove the formality of the "whomever" in the last paragraph of chapter 1. Whoever is more in keeping with the language of the narrator. I am so impressed. Jay Squires "E... view book

I wrote 1317 days ago

A very interesting and well written story. You are quite adept at the cliff-hanger. It drags the reader into the next chapter. Good luck with your story. I'm backing it. Jay Squires "Eddie and the Boxcar Painter" "Keeping Score" view book

I wrote 1317 days ago

I think this is the second thing I've read by you. You didn't disappoint. There is a fable quality to "Mulberry" that makes it delightful reading, especially to a youngster. it talks about foolish limits we all set for ourselves. And it takes the hero's quest to transcend those limits. Well don... view book

I wrote 1317 days ago

There's no denying your abilities, Frank. And your novel is slanted to the right market, at least when not K-T adjusted. I am having a bit of a problem with this latter, however. When one is 14 and K-T adjusted by 10 years, does that make him 24 by earth-year standards? I'm just trying to make t... view book

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