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Orma Moore.
The paranormal is a favourite subject of mine and I have spent many years studying the philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual theories associated with the paranormal. My own life experiences of this controversial topic have led to a quest for knowledge. I have become an avid researcher seeking explanations for events that have occured in my life.
My novel 'Crystal Child' is a fictionalised story of the realm of spirit and in particular clairvoyance.
I am interested in swapping reads.
I've been very busy recently; so if you've given me a read and I haven't returned it, just message me and I'll get right on it. Thanks for your patience.
Twelve chapters of Crystal Child have been uploaded, with more to follow soon.

NOTE; Authonomy's upload allowance is set at 130kb.
Around 2500 words. As my chapters are longer,
I've had to section the story. So, 12 chapters on
Authonomy are only 7 chapters in the actual book.
I want to thank Bradly Wind for designing the book cover of, Crystal Child. Brad has captured the essence of the book's subject precisely.
I am collecting book links from Authonomy Writers who have a paranormal theme to add to a forum thread. If yours is paranormal, please message me and I'll add it to the thread. We now have 43 paranormal themed books gathered together from the Authonomy website.
Another forum thread is the 'Women Only' group. All books in a variety of genres, written by women. If you wish to be added just message me.

favourite books

Books Read on Authonomy; Highly recommended.
Listed in order of reading.
When Fear comes Home to Love by Leelah Saachi.
The Existence Game by JS. Adams.
Tales from the Top by Toppy.
Bulb by Bradley Wind.
Faust's Butterfly by William Holt.
Redemption by Jasmine Qureshi.
Everlasting by Alret Pretorius.
A Stranger in the Nursery by S. Parrish.
Into the Deep by Missy Fleming
Master of Miracles by Bunderful
Haktaw Heart by Bill Scott
Secrets we keep by Gail Cleare
Fairy Ring Farm by Hayley Warriner
Across the Fields by Bethanie Armstrong
Blue Diamonds by Tonia Marlowe

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my books

Crystal Child

Orma Moore

What does a child psychologist, a metaphysical scientist and a disturbed mother have in common? Sarah! All four experience the power of the paranormal.

Caroline and Pete Greenwood believe their seven-year-old daughter just has a vivid imagination. But this is causing trouble for her at school. When the principal insists Sarah should have a psychological evaluation she is sent to child psychologist, Judith Carlton.
Judith believes she can dispel Sarah’s imaginary friends. Instead, she finds herself drawn into Sarah’s world. She enlists the help of her former colleague, lover and Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Aaron Marshall who is excited at this miraculous discovery. As both doctors investigate the enigma that is Sarah, they are pulled deeper into the arena of psychic awareness. Sarah’s mother suffers from a severe anxiety disorder which is destroying their happy family life. As Caroline battles with past memories, her daughter’s plight adds fuel to her instability.
Judith has vowed to protect Sarah. To do this she must deal with Caroline’s delusions and Aaron’s need for paranormal evidence. She must also face her own demons as she experiences a psychic emergency.


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I wrote 799 days ago

Your writing is passionate, romantic and emotional. Really good descriptions. I think short stories do well on the net. You should enter some competitions. Some of them have terrific prizes. Myself, I find it hard to write short stories! Two little nitpicks, you don't need a comma before the word... view book

I wrote 803 days ago

I've read the first chapter and found it very good. Immediately I have a sense of excitement brewing. Lots of enquiries are building in my mind. Who is this Wolderin and will this earthquake (i think that's what it is) take his life? Yes, you've hooked my interest and I will come back to read som... view book

I wrote 805 days ago

A roller coaster thrill ride! had to skip over the part about the rats,can't bear thinking about those things. If I'd known this was a horror i might not have read it, i hate horror, but it's a credit to your writing that I managed to read two chapters. I'll not sleep tonight now! Stuff like this... view book

I wrote 805 days ago

This is a literary masterpiece! There's a beauty in your prose, even though the story is a study in melancholly. A wonderful premise for a book and you've told it really well. You bring with it a lesson for humanity, not to take our existence on this planet for granted! i really hope you get this... view book

I wrote 806 days ago

Oh my God! That'll teach me for being nosey! I really don't get this. Is it really entertainment? What exactly do you get out of writing this stuff! I accepted your friend request and thought I'd check you out. Please tell me you haven't actually done this type of thing. To tell you the truth I ... view book

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