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Thank you to everyone who has supported my books.

Thank you Carrie McRae and Gwen Cole for my book covers.

favourite books

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
Everlost by Neal Shusterman
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
Night by Elie Wiesel
Sphere by Michael Crichton
Subterranean by James Rollins
The Princess Bride by William Goldman
Under the Dome by Stephen King

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my books

The Broken Ones

Joshua Jacobs

In a world constructed on logic, a single emotion can bring everything crashing down.

Human beings have evolved beyond emotions. Envy, greed, and hatred cease to exist. Behind the government, the System weighs every decision to secure an efficient, long-lasting society. Anything without value--the weak, the disabled, the Emotionals--faces termination. There is no crime. There is no violence. There is no war.

Everything is perfect.

For the past sixteen years, Penny and her family have eluded the System, hiding amongst the Rationals, learning to emulate their ways. But when her sister fails her year five test and exposes the family secret, Penny abandons her family and takes refuge in the hills outside Region 7.

The hills aren't empty. There are others like her. Hundreds of them. Their leader, Professor Hume, has a plan to infiltrate the Rational government--a plan sixteen years in the making. Given a stolen identity and thrust into a position of power, Penny must use everything she learned from her parents to persuade a movement that will change the world forever.

Yet the more she learns about Professor Hume, about the origin of the Rationals, about the mysterious boy Charles, about herself, the more the question burns in her mind: what if she's helping the wrong people?


The Empty Room

Joshua Jacobs

Some doors were never meant to be opened.

After collecting another missing assignment, thirteen-year-old Troy "Skidmark" Stevenson lands himself in detention for the rest of the year. No more bullies, no more classwork, no more lectures. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Wrong. Troy becomes Mr. Brenneman's slave, running errands for the lazy detention teacher. Honestly, he wouldn't mind so much if every errand ended somewhere other than the school's basement. Underground, dark, and colder than you-know-where? No, thank you.

While sifting through the basement's junk, Troy uncovers a locked door. Forced to enlist the skills of the school's most intimidating bully, Christina Rainier, he orchestrates an elaborate scheme to pinch the principal's keys. The plan succeeds, and the pair opens the locked door, only to reveal a small room. An empty room.

That's when things get weird. Troy starts hearing voices and seeing things that couldn't possibly be real, and the same string of numbers--1211986--keeps popping up everywhere he goes. Together, he and Christina, the world's most unlikely duo, must figure out what the numbers mean or learn the hard way why someone went through so much trouble to lock the door to an empty room. Or maybe the room was never empty at all?


The Withering

Joshua Jacobs

Everyone who catches the Withering bears the mark. Everyone who bears the mark dies. Everyone except Alice. And now the Clan is coming for her.

Alice bears the mark of the afflicted. Unlike the millions before her, she survives. Afraid she is a carrier of the disease, she disappears into what remains of the world. Bodies litter the streets. Cities lie in waste. The government ceases to exist. What the Withering doesn't destroy, the Clan kills, cleansing the world of those they hold responsible.

Then Alice meets Brandon. He brings word of a town untouched by the sickness. He promises a future. He reminds her of what it means to feel... to love.

Yet the Clan is watching.

Alice emerges from the shadows and follows Brandon into his hometown. As hard as she tries, she can't ignore the softly spoken secrets, the vengeful stares from the town's elite, the smoke streaming from the woods as the clock strikes midnight.

With the imminent arrival of the Clan and the town's past set to reveal itself, Alice must make a stand. Yet the more she learns about the Clan, the town, herself, the harder it seems. Maybe they're right. Maybe the mark does mean something. Maybe she is more than just a girl on the run. Maybe she did cause the Withering.


The Words of Adriel

Joshua Jacobs

Forget what you've read about djinn. Djinn are demons. And Blake is about to learn the hard way why they grant wishes.

Blake Mathews didn't mean to burn down the local museum or barge into the girls' locker room. He definitely didn't intend to knock over the bookshelf in the school library, creating a domino effect that left no book untouched, but he can't help it. He's bad luck.

His luck changes when he pulls from the library wreckage a book that grants wishes. As Blake explores the true meaning of the phrase "reading is power," he starts hearing voices and seeing apparitions. Like the little girl who leaves messages written in steam on the bathroom mirror, the scratching sounds coming from the attic, the whispers warning that someone is coming for him.

He follows these clues into the darkest corners of his house where he uncovers a decades-old murder. The more he learns about the murder, the more he recognizes the parallels between then and now. It's happening again. Except this time, all signs point to Blake being the next victim. His only hope for survival is to destroy the book.

But that won't be easy. A demon dwells within its pages. And the person who commands it is lurking in the attic, waiting for Blake.

Complete at 50,000 words.


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I wrote 18 days ago

Thanks for inviting me to read this. I enjoyed it! I tend to jot down notes as I go. Here’s what I came up with. As always, take what is useful and ignore the rest.  Minor notes: Should be: wild-eyed. I would specify who “her” is in “Her heels clacked on the linoleum” because it wasn’t 100... view book

I wrote 24 days ago

To start, this is only my perspective. Feel free to use what helps and ignore the rest. I’m not a fan of the letters that open this novel. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in them (writing style, content, voice, events) that hook me. It feels instead like you simply had background information you ... view book

I wrote 96 days ago

This was a pleasure to read! You are a talented writer, and I love the setting and premise. Here were my notes along the way. This is only one perspective, so feel free to use what you find helpful and ignore the rest. - Should it be “the worst ordeal of his life…”? - Should be: “oak-paneled” -... view book

I wrote 104 days ago

So when I typically sit down to read someone’s opening pages, I pull up a Word document and start a long list of things that jarred me from the story. Usually, I finish with 1-3 pages of notes. For this story, I took three notes before your story completely absorbed me, and I forgot to write anythin... view book

I wrote 104 days ago

For the most part, this was a really smooth read, and I breezed through the first chapter without complaint. Here were some thoughts I had along the way. - The sentence “you do know that taxi drivers just driven off with all our stuff” threw me off. It ought to be “You do know that taxi driver ... view book

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