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Follow the Orchid Path Home

Tamme Fawn

A fiction novel bringing awareness to the tragedy of sex slavery and human trafficking in America and around the world . . .

The story begins as Elena, age twelve, awaits the wrath of Hilda Strain, one of the supervisors at the Asylum for Orphaned and Troubled Girls. She is blamed for the death of her fellow border. Finding out later the reason for her death from her friend Maria, Elena is bent on revealing the truth to the proper authorities. However, that becomes difficult because she, though she is ordered to leave the Asylum ten years later, must keep her mouth shut about the evil that has occurred there, or else the girls left behind will pay for her actions. Being thrown out into a world unknown to her, she runs into a kind stranger, and the people she meets help her see that hope rises even from the most horrible circumstances when our hope is in the one Source of our strength, Jesus. There is an underlying question that pesters Elena through her life. What happened to her parents? As the hounding from the people of her past mounts, she is forced to go into hiding but is discovered and tragedy occurs in the middle of the story. Is Elena is actually still alive?


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Mumsie 1 wrote 746 days ago

Hi there; Just a quick update from me. I have taken the advice of ma....

Kerrie Price wrote 760 days ago

Hi Tamme, Would you consider taking a look at THE GOD PLEASERS 40 ....

David Isaacson wrote 763 days ago

Grace be with you, Tamme. I would greatly appreciate your gracious a....

Shelby Z. wrote 763 days ago

Greeting, I hope your day is well. The month is half way over and....

love4044 wrote 914 days ago

Hi, I am Vera! please how are you! hope you are fine and in perfect ....

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I wrote 139 days ago

Thank you so much for your kind words Elizabeth! I really appreciate you taking the them to read! Best wishes on your books as well. Kind Regards, Tamme Fawn "Follow the Orchid Path Home Series" view book

I wrote 141 days ago

Wow, thank you you so much for your comments about my book Shiloh. Very generous thoughts. God bless your works as well! Tamme Fawn view book

I wrote 974 days ago

Thank you so much Ivan for your positive feedback on the first chapter. Thank you too, for your comment on the last sentence. I'll go take a look and see how to change. Best wishes on your book! view book

I wrote 974 days ago

What descriptive imagery you used. Curious to know what happens after Chapter 1! view book

I wrote 976 days ago

Thank you Jonie. Best wishes on your book as well! view book

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