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I am 43, slightly overweight, with a decided tendency to think about things rather than doing them, as evidenced by the state of my garden, my house, and my kitchen (did I mention weight?). Have several preadolescent children (panic! panic!), no pets, and a devoted but absentminded spouse.
I actually lived in Scotland - those are literal transcriptions, dammit! If the Scots is hard to understand, it's because THE SCOTS ARE HARD TO UNDERSTAND!

OMG! (please envision me bouncing ecstatically around my cluttered living room at the excitement of having made the ED. The ED!!!!) TWICE!

A huge thanks to all you lovely people who had the rash temerity to back an old lady and a goat. (And some gold, I think, somewhere in there), and again a rash girl chased by mosquitoes. Regardless - I return all reads. Just, it must be said, sometimes quite slowly. If I take too long, please bleat. To the squeaky wheel goes the grease, as they say. Just - I said this before, didn't I? - somewhat slowly.

If you want to follow my progress (what's wrong with you?!) you can do so at the following thread:
I am using this for the return reads of Fresh Meat as well as for those of Mrs Maginnes.
Please let me know if I owe you a return and have forgotten to put your book on the list.

I can be contacted at maevesleibhin at yahoo dot com, but I prefer to be messaged on the site when possible.


favourite books

I have a deep and abiding fondness for florid middle aged 18th century English writers like Edward Gibbon and Lawrence Sterne, but I spend most of my time reading pulp fiction because - let's admit it - pulp fiction is really much more fun.

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Mrs. Maginnes is Dead

Maeve Sleibhin

Stolen ancient Byzantine coins - a goat, a dead landlady, and maurading Englishwomen. What else can go wrong? In Edinburgh - plenty.

Mrs. Maginnes is murdered - thrown off a cliff near Edinburgh.
She leaves behind a million pounds' worth of hidden Byzantine gold, a rampaging goat, and a student tenant just arrived from Portugal.
Socorro, the bewildered tenant, finds refuge with the five, recently goat-bequeathed Aspenall sisters. They, and an overwhelmingly large number of their neighbours, set out to find the gold, encountering along the way a plethora of irate neigbours, a Valorous detective, Queen Nimnu Ninsikilla, Pouty, Cheeks, a false passport ring, communist militants, a gypsy fortune teller, Shakespeare (in reference), true love, and a purple and pink plaid couch.


Fresh Meat

Maeve Sleibhin

Paranormal fiction in the tropics – bursting with vampires, demons and succubi. Seems impressive – until you see the mosquitoes.

Lola – tiny, twenty two, excessively tattooed – moves to Puerto Rico to live with her best friend, Jeremy, after being kicked off professional women’s soccer for excessive violence. Her paradisal idyll is tragically cut short when she discovers that Jeremy appears to have taken up with his boss, Lucia, a supermodel with a medical degree and an annoying penchant for very short skirts, very high heels, and ornate mid-seventeenth-century bejeweled crucifixes. Lola moves out and gets a job at Walgreens, only to discover – the hard way – that the reason Lucia likes crucifixes so much is that she’s a slayer caught in a war between the vampires and something else – something much more dangerous, which appears to have developed a sudden and very hazardous interest in Lola.


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Emily Wilkinson wrote 5 days ago

You can read mine if you want - you don't have to.

Anaxis wrote 6 days ago

Hi Maeve, As you can see, I reply to my messages very promptly... I....

Karen Eisenbrey wrote 14 days ago

Maeve, Thank you -- for reading so much and for giving such a deta....

melissa_simonson wrote 20 days ago

I know this is a little late, but hey--thanks.

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Hi Maeve After much consideration I have taken yo....

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I wrote 5 days ago

The Living near Dead Brennan, I tend to read several chapters of the books I comment on for Authonomy. I feel that even if the book does not hook me, I need to give it a few chapters to see where the author is going. Once in a while, though, I find this hard to do, and I am very sorry to say that ... view book

I wrote 15 days ago

Endurance Karen, I read the first 10 chapters.  The fact that I read so much of this very slow paced quai-hard science fiction novel is a testament to the fact that it's fundamentally entertaining at some level. However, this is not a book for everybody. Nothing at all happens in the first 10 cha... view book

I wrote 46 days ago

Veneficus I read the first eight chapters. Based on how low this is on the rankings as of my reading it (May 2014) I had very low expectations of this fantasy novel. However, I was pleasantly surprised by what I read, and conclude that, like so many books on this site, promotion is important. I th... view book

I wrote 50 days ago

In response to HarperCollins' comments, I present an excerpt from Tits, Fangs, and a Big Ol’ Can of Whupass: the Feminist Dialectic through the Optic of Genre Fiction, by Har P. Collins, PhD. … It was early in the twenty-first century that we saw the next great phase of the feminist movement, exe... view book

I wrote 69 days ago

Delirium John, I read one and a half chapters, but was too turned off by the gore to go on.   I did not mind the first chapter too much, despite the gore. The last section, with the whole family diving to their death, was a frightening image, and the vulnerability of the little girl was effective... view book

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