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Thanks to all who have commented on the Book of the Forsaken and have made it a better read. Thanks to all who have supported it all the way to the desk.

The Book of the Forsaken is available on Amazon as a paperback and for Kindle:

Paperback: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1477647872
Kindle: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008H7XUX2

Paperback: http://amzn.com/1477647872
Kindle: http://amzn.com/B008H7XUX2

**If I have forgotten to return a read, feel free to leave me a message reminding me so...

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Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, J.R.R. Tolkien, Raymond Feist, Terry Brooks, Paolo Coehlo, Rudolf Steiner, Mikhail Bulghakoff, Terry Pratchett, Clive Barker.

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The Ringmaster's Gambit (The G....

Yannis Karatsioris

Emilian's Finest is an old-style circus put together with a purpose. This isn't their shows.

Our sarcastic storyteller from The Book of the Forsaken hides in the circus and awaits for the rest of them to make their move.

"Jaelle the Fortuneteller and Emilian the Ringmaster are the ones guarding the circus from anyone who's not being nice. The Bringers of Death want to kill. The Magi want to know. The Upyri want to kill and then know. They all suspect I'm in there, hiding, scheming, mocking them. They are coming for the book, for the ones who sleep; they are coming for me. Let's see what happens."

(Note: the final chapter of this upload is the Synopsis of The Book of the Forsaken)


The Book of the Forsaken (The ....

Yannis Karatsioris

A sarcastic storyteller traps three characters in his web in order to get hold of a special book.

Daniel, Cassidy and Igor are three unique individuals, considered outcasts for different reasons. They are about to meet and stick together, as coincidences and forced situations lead them to a journey all around Europe.

As everyone is after the Book of the Forsaken, the coming Game is about to take place on the dark side of the moon. But there is a cost to that knowledge. Let alone to the wish to partake.

(Book 1 of 'The Game" series)


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Samuel Z Jones wrote 93 days ago

Yannis, just to remind that you've got a backing from me anytime; if ....

Anitalove20 wrote 126 days ago

(anitafrancis100@hotmail.com) Hello, My name is Anita, I am a singl....

Joshua Jacobs wrote 132 days ago

I'm finishing your book today! Thank you so much for being patient. I....

TJBleakley wrote 137 days ago

Hi check out my novel on Ebook, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Running-White....

K E Shaw wrote 138 days ago

Thanks so much for supporting The Seventh Gate again, Yannis :) It w....

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I wrote 190 days ago

Steampunk on authonomy. Where's the world tumbling to? I want this on the desk. Backed until this happens. view book

I wrote 504 days ago

Lucette, thank you for contacting me about your book, I did take a look after reading the pitch, which I found interesting enough (so, there's a point for you right there :D) I read through the first chapter with ease and found Chloe's character engaging all things considered (especially the fact... view book

I wrote 549 days ago

Up to chapter 4 you have offered quite a lot, actually. Glad to know it's only going to get better. The first thing I noticed was the excellent Scottish accent (or so it sounded to me), and the clear-cut characterization of Tethys and Cascos. It's the first time I read about bisexual groups of women... view book

I wrote 586 days ago

Oh I forgot something. I'd definitely remove the opening bits. Your call of course, but I would prefer it if they didn't confuse me when I started reading. I forgot about the opening very soon however as I followed the action, that's why I felt they didn't offer anything, so, why not remove them. view book

I wrote 586 days ago

Hello Josh, I read up to the end of chapter 3, where I felt I wanted to stop, only because I have been reading a lot online this week and I kinda felt I needed a break for a day or two. I dropped by regardless to share my thoughts, and I might comment again if I finish it at some point later on. ... view book

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