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Serial keyboard botherer, always on the look-out for markets for my flights of fantasy and tales of post-apocalyptic doom! First novel - YA fantasy - complete and seeking a home... Male, UK resident, job, kids, crumbling ruin of a house, no time, you know...

favourite books

To Kill a Mocking Bird
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
Moorcock's Eternal Champion series, Howard's Conan stories and Cornwell's Winter King trilogy.
Anything by Lovecraft, Poe and C.A.Smith. Also E. R. Burroughs Mars & Venus series and Philip Jose Farmer.
Night Land by W.H. Hodgson.

All the works of Robert Graves and historical fiction by Mary Renault, Ross Leckie, Julian Rathbone...

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The Flame-Bringer

Alex Marshall

Where do we come from and why? Few legends are as iconic as the story of Adam and Eve. Now this incredible story is retold...

The Flame-bringer (110K words) is an adventure for older children and young adults set in a mythical, post ice-age world. Entertaining, uplifting and thought-provoking; The Flame-Bringer poses questions about humanity's origins and our relationship to the natural world. This book will appeal to readers of both sexes whose appetite for fantasy has been sharpened by authors such as Philip Pullman.

Around 10,000 years ago, a young boy cursed with a dreadful affliction is cast out by his people and adopted by an elderly shaman. Protected but unfulfilled, his world is shattered by loss and he finds himself alone and hunted through a brutal wilderness by a relentless foe.

Amdan however is no normal youth. With ingenuity, supernatural aid and the help of new found love, he begins to discover his role in a cosmic struggle that stretches back to the very beginning of time and now threatens to destroy the balance of nature and lay waste to the Earth.

The Flame-Bringer is a tale of tragedy and inhumanity but also of love, hope and the ability of the human spirit to triumph over disadvantage despite the odds.


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I wrote 1799 days ago

Hi Mary, you've created something quite special with Evensong. It's beatifully written and perfectly paced with an instinctive balance of dialogue and narrative. Clearly a very personal book, it maintains authenticity without becoming self-indulgent. The historical elements are handled with a li... view book

I wrote 1799 days ago

This is a very well written story. The plot develops effortlessly. As I read it I felt I was in a safe pair of hands. It's not my genre so I won't comment further other than to say good luck with it. Best! Alex M view book

I wrote 1801 days ago

Wow! This is a truly incredible book Cheryl. I'm up to chapter 3 but I feel compelled to keep going. You really feel her sense of discomfort as she watches the car crash of Daman's life. It's difficult to combine 'Heaven' and gritty reality I know, but I think you do it wonderfully well (and it ... view book

I wrote 1801 days ago

It's update time! Thanks everyone for your comments. It's clear to me that the opening of the book is too slow with too much navel-gazing and not enough action to keep the reader's interest. So, I've taken a long knife and a large spoon and tried something different! I'm particularly gratefu... view book

I wrote 1802 days ago

David, I am really enjoying this book. The concept is highly original and the plot develops at a relentless pace - helped along by your concise, almost journalistic style (I haven't checked your profile to see if I am right about this - but I will!) Anyway, whatever your background, you write ver... view book

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