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about me

I have written a lot of non-fiction before, but ‘Alcoholic Rice’ is my first novel.

I am finding my feet here at authonomy, and really appreciate those who have read and reviewed my first chapters. I will prioritise my comments on your books as follow:

- books written by those who have commented on my book.
- books suggested to me by their authors, via my messages.
- books that I browsed authonomy and like the look of.

I am a voracious reader and love literary fiction. I live 20 minutes by train from London, in Hertfordshire, and strictly adhere to Colm Tóibín’s last two in his 10 rules on writing fiction.

- No going to London.
- No going anywhere else either.

Just joking! (well, partly)

favourite books

- 'Les Miserables', Victor Hugo

- 'The Age of Innocence', Edith Wharton

- 'Down and Out in Paris and London', George Orwell

- 'Gone with the Wind', Margaret Mitchell

- 'London Observed', Doris Lessing

- 'The Wind in the Willows', Kenneth Grahame (I'm only half way through this one, but already knew it's a favourite)

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my books

Alcoholic Rice

Uyen Roland

A novel about London's Vietnamese boat people, the roles of the past in dreams of the future, and the search for the meanings of life.

Thuy Nguyen looks like ‘bright young things’, holding a high-flying job in marketing and living in an exclusive West London area with boyfriend Stephen Palmer, who is a reluctant banker, quiet, dreamy, sometimes naïve, with a rebellious streak.

What few people know is that Thuy is gripped by her past as one of the Vietnamese boat people in the early 1980s. Despite the trauma at an early age when she escaped Vietnam with her family on a rickety boat and lived at Chimawan refugee camp in Hong Kong, she is a happy, optimistic character. However, because of that rite of passage, Thuy is obsessed with food and reminiscence about a childhood friend, Quan, a nine-year-old Vietnamese boy she befriended at Chimawan, a microcosm of Vietnam’s boat people society.

Set in modern-day London but giving interwoven fictional and historical details of Hong Kong’s Chimawan refugee camp in the 1980s, ‘ALCOHOLIC RICE’ gives a glimpse into the life of Vietnamese immigrants in Britain, the roles of the past in dreams of the future, and the search for meanings of middle-class life. And lovers of Oriental food will be in for a real treat.


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I wrote 507 days ago

I enjoyed reading the first chapters of your book. Your descriptions are rich, intense (in a good way) and lively, making readers imagine the scene vividly. Having grown up in the Far East myself, I identify with a lot of details and find them authentic. I found the historical note at the start ... view book

I wrote 557 days ago

I'm more a Literary Fiction than Crime Fiction reader, but I feel from 'Slow Poison' that you have combined the two exquisitely, with literary prose and a fast-paced, thrilling plot. There are quite a few characters in the first chapter and I struggle a little to keep up with all of them, but I gues... view book

I wrote 557 days ago

Hi Lenny, I read the first three chapters of 'Tide and Time: At the Rock' with interest. I think you've got a good idea and drawn some good experience working with youth in this book, e.g. knowledge of body language etc. I think you should describe how Rich looks (because I just realised I myself... view book

I wrote 604 days ago

You have an immaculate approach to writing, not different from the first person in the prologue. The fact that the chapters are random chapters makes it difficult for me to follow because that's not how I normally read a book, except for, say, an anthology of essays or short stories. As this is a no... view book

I wrote 607 days ago

After reading the first few chapters, I could confirm that this is a book that I will seek to read either through borrowing from a library or buying it myself. It is incredible that readers could learn so much about the history of North Korea in such a short time. The book idea is fantastic, Nor... view book

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