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I am a retired teacher. I have a love of all animals and take our siamese cats on holidays on our canal boat. When I retired after 34years "Tyson's Tale" just poured out of me.I enjoy cruising the canals and "real cruising" because it gives me the opportunity to meet some lovely people. Many thanks to Bradley Wind for the lovely cover design. I have enjoyed being a member of Authonomy but have decided to give it up. Originally I worked hard to make helpful suggestions to other members and have read some really good books which don't seem to get any where. I wish all aspiring authors all the best but my own aspirations have expired.

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John Grisham's and Michael Connolly's novels

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Tyson's Tale

Anne Riley

A book for animal lovers, full of pathos and humour suitable for all ages. A bed time story to be enjoyed by reader and listener.

A heart warming story for all animal lovers.Cartoon like characters come together in support of the underdog. The animal community who live on "The Lane" is spurred into action by Tyson's antisocial behaviour. Tyson, a ginger tomcat, with a doting owner is finally taught a lesson he will never forget.
From the misunderstood spoilt siamese to the lonely stray all the animals are brought together by the actions of a new kitten on the block. He is oblivious to Tyson's bullying and his friendly nature opens lines of communication between them all. A new community spirit develops which enhances the life of all those who live on "The Lane."


Ollie's Ipod

Anne Riley

For 10-12 year old boys especially those who live at the seaside. Two boys uncover a terrorist plot.

Ollie has to help his mum run a boarding house. He has little free time.When he does he likes to go beach combing. He finds an electronic gadget un- beknown to him its owner has been murdered.Starting Secondary School he makes a new friend and together they discover the secrets held on the device. This leads to the uncovering of a terrorist plot. The outcome of their investigations changes Ollie's life for ever.


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Hi Ann I read a couple of sections of "Ollie's IPod," and I can te....

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I wrote 945 days ago

Sci fi is not my normal choice and as I have only read the first 2 chaps, I can't really comment yet. All I can say is that It has interested me enough to want me to return and continue to find out whether James is guilty of raping Missie. The life style of the people and robots seem very intertwin... view book

I wrote 1057 days ago

A really appealing book for 9-10 year olds. A change from witches and wizards. This is within the grasp of all children's experience. Well done, backed, Anne view book

I wrote 1059 days ago

A lovely story for children told from an animals perspective. Animals certainly bring a lot of pleasure to family life and in this story the happiness has been extended to others.The sad man has been transformed and so this story has a happy end. Backed, Regards, Anne view book

I wrote 1060 days ago

Unlikely and unusual scenarios add humour to this book. I have only read tha first 6 chaps but feel part of this group of characters already. Good Luck, shelved , Anne view book

I wrote 1060 days ago

Amusing and unlikely scenarios add a bit of fun to this story. I have only read the first 5 chaps but feel part of the group already, Good Luck, Anne view book

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