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Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts
A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irvine
Sometimes a Great Notion - Ken Kesey
One Day - David Nicholls
The Alchemist - Paul Coelho

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Keith Gilbey

Do not fear that what you have lost has gone forever; you will find on the inside what the outside has taken away

Peppermint: Written in a unique style that captures the mind of a six year old boy as well as others who are going through grief, Peppermint sometimes tempts you to laugh, and sometimes will make you want to cry.

A six year old boy loses his Mother. He travels to Timbuktu - which is where his Mother always said she was going whenever he asked where she was going. It is not easy to travel to Timbuktu when you are six years old and you have no money. And you have lost your Mother.

Peppermint: The Doctor has lost his wife in a car accident. Why should he carry on without her? Why can he find no answers to his question: Why is death?

Peppermint: Where ants and giraffes and birds all have secrets to share.

Peppermint: An uplifting story about how the love we hold inside keeps alive the loves we have lost.

Peppermint: Living on is never easy; but living is what life is all about.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 9 days ago

Keith, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 32 days ago

Keith, How are things with you? My book "The North Korean" is now a....

georgelle wrote 49 days ago

Hello Keith, I very much enjoyed Peppermint. I can see it as a publ....

georgelle wrote 52 days ago

Hello Keith, Thought I'd pass these finds on to you. Just a couple ....

georgelle wrote 55 days ago

Dear Keith, Pardon me for seeming so slow. I had a major edit to do....

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I wrote 52 days ago

Georgelle Many thanks for reading my book. I believe it is quite unique - but I am not certain if it is publishable. All the best Keith view book

I wrote 219 days ago

Sarah This is a very interesting start. On my watchlist waiting for more.... Keith Gilbey Peppermint view book

I wrote 238 days ago

Lisa Great stories - I wonder if they would work more effectively with illustrations aimed at a slightly younger age group. I have to say that by 9 my sons had both moved on extremely quickly from such stories. But loved them anyway. Keith Peppermint view book

I wrote 239 days ago

Carl, Quite unique. Love the rhythms and the use of language. on my watchlist and high stars. keith Peppermint view book

I wrote 242 days ago

Good stuff - highly backed for now! keith Peppermint view book

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