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I just realized that all this time I spend on Authonomy could be spent naked in bed in the breeze of the fan with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a tome of poetry in the other.

And now I'm wondering what the fuck is wrong with me that I even stopped to type this.

( AFK. BBL. <3 )

A is for Awesomesauce. It is my middle name. I taste like glaciers and smell like bloodletting and I feel like the eels under your skin. Don't inhale, it'll fuck you up.

email: frankie@ninjatoaster.com

If you email me, please use the subject line 'Pants are a fascist social convention' so I know it's not spam.

Don't friend me just so you can spam me. My messages wouldn't be "friends only" if I wanted your fucking spam.

And quit fucking emailing me asking me to back your fucking book because my messages are friends only. I can't believe I even have to say this. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

favourite books

Right now I'm in kind of a Nathaniel Hawthorne mood.

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http://frankie.ninjatoaster.com     http://twitter.com/frankiesachs

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

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Shitty Gods

Frankie Awesomesauce Sachs

If God didn't want me to have sex with them, why'd he make bad, bad men feel so, so good?

What kind of twat puts up a book and a week later decides to ditch the internet and play hooky in real life?

If you guessed "You, Frankie," you would be correct.

On writing sabbatical. Shall return with moar poems I hunted myself. In the meantime, feel free email me (it's on my profile) to ask what I'm wearing, send me inappropriate photographs, or tell me how much you hate the title. Or all three. That's fine too.

I'll write something exciting here later. In the meantime:

I'll post what's new here: http://authonomy.com/forums/threads/148636/f-s-uploaded-a-book-/ for anyone that's interested. It might get confusing because I'm reordering stuff as I add.

Comments, even unkind, are always welcome, but the only reason to put this book on your shelf is because you read it and enjoyed it and want to share it. I don't require, or desire, an editorial consultation and Harper Collins doesn't publish chapbooks. Sorry about the crappy line spacing; Authonomy layout and I had a fight and it kicked my ass. I recommend the Linux Libertine fonts for your viewing pleasure: http://www.dafont.com/linux-libertine.font

Skip the last chapter. Seriously.


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colin smith wrote 2 days ago

717 bugger, I probably should have kept it on my shelf.

Sebnem wrote 7 days ago

Oh, I like this AVI, very cute, I love unicorns. I have you on WL and....

Spilota wrote 7 days ago

Heh, I love the unicorn avi. Very evil looking. ;-) But, like someon....

Fontaine wrote 7 days ago

I think it's the best thread ever on Athonomy. Well done for starting....

SPW wrote 7 days ago

Did you get my last mail? :)

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I wrote 2 days ago

Watermelon is delicious. :) view book

I wrote 23 days ago
I wrote 53 days ago

Hi Rob, Just started your book. Strong writing, and the western concept feels fresh. Reading the first chapter, I love your opening. I cant practically smell Juan, feel his papery skin. He's compelling from the first paragraph. I think I'd engage more deeply if the focus stayed on Juan's p... view book

I wrote 71 days ago

I've just started reading this (because I've found your opinions in one of the forum religious discussions interesting) and I'm only through the first chapter. So far, my suggestion is to nix downplaying your credentials to present this material. I know what you're trying to do is give the reader a ... view book

I wrote 73 days ago

Annoying neighbors are the worst. The. Worst. I wonder how Mr. Comment deals with the challenge of living between the hysterical Mrs. Peacock and the slovenly Ms. Scurvy constantly hanging her underthings out in plain view. view book

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